Recommended Reading: Wiping out that fear

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If you ever thought you needed that little push or a touch more motivation to get out there and do whatever you feel like you should be or need to be doing right now head over and read…

What if you could not fail? over at Mui Tsun’s Blog.

It’d be BLISS if I knew for sure that I wouldn’t fail at anything I’d attempt to try. Imagine that!

Fear of failure stops us from really giving a go at whatever it is we really want to do. So I’m here, sharing this post hoping to help wipe out the fear of failure we all have in us.


  1. I remember when I realised that fear of failure was the one thing stopping me going ahead with my freelance PA business… and then I realised that if I didn’t try, and risk failing, I would have failed anyway because I hadn’t tried.

    Since then I have become a lot less fearful of failure (excepting when it comes to guys and change ‘failure’ with ‘rejection’), although I do have to still battle with a little bit of apathy, which I think is just fear of failure trying stealth tactics!!

    Just remember – if it doesn’t work out it’s the venture that has failed, not you. You have succeeded in learning what works and what doesn’t so you can make better decisions in the future.

    • Very wise words there. I think we’re just so ingrained in our thinking about how failure looks on us from other peoples POVs. I know I’m guilty about thinking about that a little bit too much.

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