Jubilee Schmoobilee

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For the past three days the UK has been going a bit mental and I’m just not getting into it. Call my cynical, boring and just plain dull, but I just don’t get the whole kerfuffle about the Queen’s silly Jubilee.

Yes, I get it, she’s been on the throne for a very long time. Yes, I know, she’s only the second monarch in history to have a diamond jubilee. But I still don’t get it.

Well, it’s not that I don’t get it, it’s the celebration I don’t get. The concert that happened last night in particular. Why on Earth was that necessary?

The street parties I can kind of understand. Just neighbours and communities getting together for an old-fashioned party. But it’s sad that it takes something like this to happen for communities to get together. We just don’t know our neighbours like we used to. It’s not that I want my neighbours to be all up in my business, but it would be nice to know who they are. Guess we’re all just a lot more private these days.

I have spent the entire weekend pretty much ignoring the celebrations. I was out and about on Saturday, in the cinema watching Prometheus during the river pageant and watching Game of Thrones during the celebratory concert.

Just call me Scrooge!

(However, I do appreciate the double bank holiday though!)


  1. Been on my stag do all weekend so totally missed all the official stuff! Bloody glad for the extra days to recover though!

  2. I don’t really have jubilee feelings one way or the other (except for yes, yay extra bank holiday!). We watched the concert last night because we sat down in front of the TV with chocolate and cider and it was the best thing on TV at the time, and we never switched it off. Plus watching the Royals in the Royal box jigging along to Jessie J is quite possibly the best use of Jessie J there is.

    We went down to watch the Parade in Tad on Saturday but that was solely because we knew it would be mockable and it was – we would have gone whatever the reason for the parade was, jubilee or no! I didn’t watch the river pageant because I’m not interested in boats and this afternoon while Mam’s been watching the crowds and waiting for them to come onto the balcony while she does a jigsaw, I’ve been in bed watching Scream 4.

    My neighbours are far too much up in my business. One neighbour in particular. I know it’s just because he’s old and bored but he got his daughter to help him replace our outhouse door because the hinges were old and rusty. Nobody asked him to! We were aware!

    • I think there was a street party near me today, not in my street of course. But it’s pissing down raining so… nope, not going!

      I just find it funny you have an outhouse! NORTH!

  3. You are a scrooge, ha..ha.. I’ve been looking at the pics of the Jubilee online, I guess because I don’t grow up in it I find the whole Monarchy hullabaloo quite fascinating. Hey, at least you get the double Bank Holiday!!

    • Ha! Yes, I am a Scrooge. I just never saw, and will never see, the point of the Royal Family. I know not everything in this world needs a point, but … I feel they ought to!

  4. If it wasn’t for my recent twitter addiction I would have no idea what you were talking about, lol

    Do you think your neighbors might be intimidated by the anti-zombie fortifications you installed on your fortress? 😉

    • Hahaha! Ahh yes those anti-zombie fortifications might just project an image of me my neighbours might not like. But then again, they need to be aware of the impending zombie apocalypse!

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