I think she likes it!

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For the longest time we always thought Cody just didn’t like water or swimming. When she was a pup, any time anyone went for a swim in the pool, she’d run back indoors and watch from the doorway. As she got older she got more used to it, but she’d merely follow whoever was in the pool until she got bored.

Taking her to the beach was hilarious. She’d do everything to not let her feet get wet. Got tricky when that favourite stick of her’s was thrown into the sea and she just had to get it.

She’s never got in the pool, she’s never swum in the sea. Water is acceptable when it’s in the water bowl.

That’s all changed now. A few weeks back, me and the brother took her to Virginia Water Lake. It was ridiculously hot, probably about 28 degrees C when we were there. We figured we’d let her cool off her paws in the water.

Yep, that’s her loving it. We had to keep her on the lead because she’s got issues with other dogs and there were plenty of those around.

The following week we decided to head back to Virginia Water Lake with Cody and see if she’ll actually go for a swim. You know what? Ohh… I’ll just show you:

And now the only thought is, is she going to jump into the pool in Portugal?


  1. AWesome. Great to see she took on the challenge and got through her initial apprehension! πŸ˜€

  2. I think it’s so fun to watch dogs swim! Some dogs just naturally like it more than others. Our older dog, Coco, had a first swim in a pool a few years ago. She didn’t enjoy it. The only reason she swam was so she could get out of the pool. I wonder how my younger dog will like it…

    • I think now Cody’s had a taste, she’ll want to try again.

      Our older dog hated water. He actually fell in the pool a couple of times and both times he just froze. The only swimming he did was to the edges of the pool and then he just froze. It always took me pushing him from his hind legs to get him out!

    • Ooo you should try it! Introduce it to her young! It’s summer, perfect time. Find a nice lake near you and see what she makes of it.

  3. …cute. We thought our Labrador didn’t like the water despite the breed but as she’s getting older she’s becoming more and more used to it. She still hasn’t gone for a proper swim but I can throw a ball into the sea and she’ll go get it as long as she can still stand up! She’s a bit like me and the sea in that respect (watched Jaws too many times).

    • That’s great! Wisdom comes with the years eh?

      I was so worried when our dog went for this swim, there was a clear point where I could see she couldn’t touch the ground any more and I thought she was struggling. Was so relieved when she was ok!

      You didn’t make your Lab watch Jaws too? That’s just cruel!

  4. Oh this is adorable! She looks like she is doing great, probably swims better than I do πŸ™‚ My Yorkie seems to like water – he loves it after the rain, when everything is wet and he doesn’t struggle when we give him a bath. But I would afraid to let him swim in the lake, he could swallow some dirty water or God forbid eat a fish πŸ™‚

    • I’ll admit, I was a bit nervous. I was ready to wade in and help her out if she started struggling!

      Though dogs are tough – all dogs!

      Thankfully, Cody was too interested in sticks and not fishes πŸ˜‰

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