Hey there Mrs. Ladybird!

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I found this little critter making its way around my car. Well, at first I thought there was some weird smudge on my car. See, my car’s red. So, as you can imagine, this ladybird just blended in.


Shame to hear that ladybirds aren’t quite as abundant as they used to be. I do remember, in the past, they were everywhere. Nowadays, I’m lucky if I see just one.


  1. Woah that’s an incredible picture! Come to think of it I haven’t seen ladybird for a long time now.

  2. Here, they’re called ladybugs. I don’t see them as much either. Know the reason? Anyways, cute lil bug!

    • I know there’s a lot in the news about the increase of pesticides and reduction in habitat that’s killing these little cuties off. I don’t want them gone – they eat the aphids on my plants in my garden!

  3. It’s been a pretty bad summer for a lot of insects, especially butterflies.
    I have seen a lot more bees about than last year though.
    Nicely composed abstract shot of a ladybird there, need to get a macro lens
    at some point.

    • Me too. I’ve got a Raynox add on lens which I dug out and am having a play around with. But they are tricky things!

  4. Such a beautiful photo. It is considered especially lucky when they land on you! You probably could’ve gotten away with speeding all day in your car with her as your passenger. đŸ™‚

    • Lucky eh? I’ll encourage them to land all over me! What’s the equivalent of a helipad for a ladybird?

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