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100 movies of 2012

It’s June, creeping up to July. That’s roughly halfway through the year. I figured, now would be a good point to see how exactly I’m doing with my 100 movies project for this year. And I’m happy to say that I think I’m roughly on track.

I’ve seen 48 films so far. Just under halfway to my goal. So, how have those 48 done?

The Half Time Score

Avengers Assemble16% (Eight films) have been 5/5’s. Out of those eight I think my, hands down favourite, has been… Avengers Assemble!

Yeah, I don’t think that was a hard one to guess. I’m sure plenty of people would agree with me, right? It definitely stands out for me for the first half of the year as a memorable and completely fun film and cinema experience. Who knows, if rumours pan out, I might get to see it again (director’s cut) in August. Fingers crossed!

How about the other end of the scale. I’ve only rated 10% (Five films) as 1/5. That seems a bit lenient for me. Maybe I’ve gone a little soft!

Out of those five I think the worst has definitely got to be Ca$h. I almost regret seeing that film, but it honestly didn’t sound too bad. Lesson learnt! No more blindly following Chris Hemsworth.

Big Screen vs. Small Screen

I’ve managed to only see 25% (12 films) of those films in the cinema. That’s not that much really. Roughly 2 films a month. I swear I’ve been to the cinema more than 12 times this year! That is just poor. There were a few films I missed out on at the cinema due to, the usual of, life getting in the way. Regret not having seen The Raid at the cinema. As well as Moonrise Kingdom.

A History Lesson

The oldest film I saw was Frankenstein from 1931. I think that’s the first film I’ve seen from the 1930s. And I really enjoyed it.

But aside from that, all the other films I’ve seen were from the 90s onwards.

Game of Two Halves

I’m hoping to ramp up my cinema trips for the second half of my film challenge for the year. Well, I’ve got all the big summer blockbusters to look forward to. The main one being The Dark Knight Rises. Really. Can’t. Wait. Of course there’s The Amazing Spiderman too. Looper. The Expendables 2. Brave. Looper. So much to look forward to. Not forgetting the latter end of the year with Skyfall, The Hobbit and Django Unchained.

Also hoping to make a bit more of a dent in the film recommendations all of you kind visitors have given me. I know for a fact that a fair few of these are sitting, waiting to be seen, on my Sky box at home. So, I have no excuse!

Here’s hoping I make it to at least 100 by the end of the year!


  1. I’d be surprised if the The Avengers/Avengers Assemble didn’t top just about everyone’s list of the best movies of the year at this point.

    I’m a bit behind on my own personal goal of 100 films in 2012, but the prospects for the remainder of summer and for what I expect to be an enjoyable slate of films for the fall season leave me a glimmer of hope that I’ll get there.

    I have confidence that you’ll reach your own goal. πŸ™‚

    • There’s a lot to look forward to in the rest of summer, starting with next week’s Amazing Spiderman. Then the Fall season will kick off nicely with Looper! This year’s not been too bad in terms of cinematic releases.

      I’m sure you’ll be able to pick up some more films in the months to come. Quality ones at that!

  2. Oh yeah that list of yours needs a denting definitely! So many great films to watch on the small screen. And didn’t I hear Django has been pushed back to 2013? Might be wrong…

  3. Woo hoo! You’ve got almost half and it’s not even end of June, yet πŸ˜€ Good for you girl!

  4. Almost to your goal. You are on the way! I’m afraid I won’t be reviewing all of the movies I see but aside from the theaters, we do watch one a week in my film club at my house. That’s always fun.

    Props to you on The Avengers! Awesome!!!

  5. Cool update! I love how you broke everything down in percentages. I’m not a numbers kind of girl, but I appreciate it.

    Great job so far. I can’t wait to see the next 50 film reviews.

  6. Good Luck making 100. I might make my own list of the top films I’ve seen thus far this year. If I could rattle off three here I’d mention Moonrise Kingdom, Avengers, and 21 Jump Street.

    • I missed out on Moonrise Kingdom due to lack of screenings and just plain missed 21 Jump Street. I was so sure that one was going to be a dud!

  7. You only rate films in increments of one right? I thought about doing a rating system like this but then it didn’t allow me to separate those films I consider very good (4/5), from those that are borderline masterpieces (4.5/5) and absolutely mind-blowing ones ((5/5). I’m kind of hard on films in general, having given perfect scores to only 14 films ever (I have a sheet where I keep all my scores stored) among 1,500 or so that I have managed to record in my archives.

    Having said that, my record of film watching this year is poor. I think I barely crack the 30 films barrier, mostly focusing on releases from last year. The best rated film released in 2012 is Prometheus (4/5) which I will be posting a review for in the coming days. While the best film I have seen this year is either Where The Wild Things Are (4.5/5) or The Tree Of Life (4.5/5).

    I hope you make it pass 100 this year.

    • Yep, I used to do half points, but then found myself being too lenient and it was getting harder to really separate out the amazing from the not. It is hard not using half points though.

      Only 14 have got perfect scores… I was wrong, you’re hard! Though, there’s nothing wrong with that.

      Adored Where the Wild Things Are. Not so much Tree of Life. I just did not get it. And continue to not get it.

  8. Cool post, Jaina! I need to make one of these. I love that The Avengers has been your favorite so far. Definitely a favorite of mine this year too.

    LOL, “no more blindly following Chris Hemsworth” — an honest mistake πŸ™‚

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