Yeah bitch, magnets!

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Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad – All Hail the King

Breaking Bad is finally back! Oh my words. It feels like it’s been years since the last season. Well, a year. Feels like longer.

This entry’s going to have a bit about season 5’s opener, so if you haven’t seen it, I suggest you go away!

I can’t form proper words, so it’s all bullet points.

  • The opening scene. There was no Jesse. Where is Jesse!? Oh hey, Walt, you have hair! But seriously, where is Jesse?
  • Was Walt missing his wedding ring in the opening scene?
  • Walt going ever so slightly homicidal on Saul. Woah. Who’d have thunk it? Is Breaking Bad the origin story of one of the biggest bad asses out there? Yes. Walter White is a major bad ass.
  • SCIENCE! There might not have been any cooking but ‘Yeah bitch! Magnets!‘. That might just be one of my favourite Jesse quotes.
  • Teeth do the same thing as popcorn?
  • Ted is not in good shape.
  • What was that in Gus’ photo frame? Is it time to say ‘uh-oh spaghetti O’s’?
  • Confused about how/who put Brock in hospital. Really confused. So confused, I might just have to crack open the last couple episodes of season 4 to recap.
  • The score – I don’t know when I started noticing the score on Breaking Bad, but I love it.
  • I already miss Tio Salamanca’s bell.

If you’re not watching Breaking Bad, I just want to ask. What the hell is wrong with you? I too was once in that boat of not knowing about Walter White, Los Pollos Hermanos, Gus Fring, the bad ass that is Mike and Jesse Pinkman, but seriously, you’re missing out. Big time. Go catch up on Netflix or whatever the kids are watching this on these days!


  1. The final shot last season showed Walter’s back yard patio and his planter that contained Lily of the Valley, a poisonous, flowering plant. Walter SOMEHOW gave the plant to Brock to make him sick, in order to bring Jesse back into the fold. The maneuver worked brilliantly but harming a child for his own means was the shocking revelation in the final moments of the season that Walter was now truly a monster.

    In the opening scenes this season, Walter gets home after having killed Gus and he gets rid of some evidence around the house, including the Lily of the Valley plant. The way this show circles back and takes care of details is amazing.

    • Thanks for the refresher Jason! I needed it.

      The show is all about the details, but it’s never so entrenched in the details that it’s not a joy to watch.

      Ohh Walt… what have you become?

  2. Walt is a monster! I’m frightened of him; just as Skyler and Saul are too. He’s the season’s “big bad,” so to speak. Where else have you seen a TV show where the main character is a hero in season 1 and the villain in season 5? Walter White is a force to be reckoned with.

    Season 4 is now available to stream on Netflix. I re-watched the finale before enjoying the premiere of season 5. Why? Because I’m cool like that.

    Yeah bitch! Magnets!

    • I loved his “transformation” into Heisenberg. But that was still just a character he was playing. He’s for real now. So to speak. Not sure if he’s doing all he’s doing for his own survival or if he still thinks he’s doing it for the benefit of those around him.

      I might just rewatch the finale and watch the premiere again tonight. I’m cool like you too.

  3. Ahhhh, I still need to see this episode! Hopefully I get the chance tonight. I will be back afterward!

  4. I just started watching Breaking Bad on Netflix. I’m like half way through season 1. I’m trying not to read much on it, but I still wanted to give you some comment love. I hope that okay.

    Anyway, I’m going to start twitter-ing you about Breaking Bad. LOL Get ready for it!

    • Woo! It’s never too late to get into Breaking Bad.

      Do it. Throw Breaking Bad quotes at me! They’ll make my day.

  5. Great episode. Glad you are into it as much as I am Jaina! 😀 People who are not watching Breaking Bad don’t know what they are missing and that makes me a bit sad but that’s life…

    • So very true. I can’t believe there was a time I had no clue about Breaking Bad. So glad that I’m no longer in that crowd.

      It makes me sad too, Castor. Very sad!

  6. So I was finally able to check this out, and yeah, AWESOME episode! I love how they didn’t waste any time getting things going. I had totally forgotten about Ted — I guess I assumed he died last season. Will be interesting to see if he actually does keep his mouth shut.

    Also, nice observation about the music score. It was especially great in this episode!

    • I’d forgotten about Ted too. Figured he was dead. Didn’t think he was coming back after that. Bet Walt still sees him as some sort of threat. Really don’t think he’s going to be around for long.

      The last couple of seasons, I’ve really taken note of the score. Wish they’d release it!

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