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It hit me hard when the penultimate season of Breaking Bad finished. Heck, I didn’t even realise until the following week when there was no new episode. What will I do until next year? I will be filling my time with all the returning TV shows that are going to be hitting TV screen imminently. Huzzah!

So what am I looking forward to most? It’s funny, it’s not what I thought I’d be most looking forward to. Shut up, Jaina and just get on with it…


Yes, the number one returning TV show I’m most looking forward to is Revenge. There is just something about this show that I can’t help but get completely sucked into! I hope it keeps up the standards of the first season – being completely ridiculous and over the top but still some how being one of the most engaging shows I watched last year. It’s Emily. I don’t think there has been a leading female character I’ve really enjoyed watching this much since Buffy. Looking forward to seeing where Emily’s revenge takes her next. Who’s in the firing line this year?


The final season of Fringe is here and while it’s all very sad, I am very glad that it’s been given this final season and being allowed to have a proper ending. There’s only 13 episodes but it’s 13 more episodes than I thought there would be. I honestly do not know what to expect, and I think I like it that way.


This is Dexter’s seventh season – SEVENTH. That is a massive run. And while last season wasn’t its best and it’s been on shaky ground. It’s still one of the better TV shows on at the moment. And I am loving the fact that it looks like this year, it’s all out in the open. Looks like a massive season of Deb. Excited to see where they take it and what Deb will do. Wonder if they’ll follow the books – the Deborah in the books does know Dexter’s big secret, but she seems a tad more accepting about it all than Deb does in this trailer!


I am ready for Homeland and every single politically minded twist it can throw at me. So I say now. It made my brain hurt last season and fully expecting the same this time. I wonder whether Claire Danes can outcrazy her crazy from last year.


Yes there’s no more Dan Harmon and that is a big loss. But we’ve got another season against all hope and I’m hoping for more oddbally-ness. More crazy and more funnies. It’s the only TV show that really makes me laugh out loud. And occasionally snort.

American Horror Story

It took until the middle of the first season for me to really enjoy American Horror Story, but after that point I was very much hooked. It’s like watching a horror film TV series! What’s not to love with that. The fact that while American Horror Story is a TV series, it’s not. Every season is a different storyline which is GREAT. The ending of the last season was nice and final. There was a story told with the season. The second season, being set in an asylum, looks like it’s going to up the scares. The only thing I’m actually terrified about is the casting of Adam Levine. Hrm..

Grey’s Anatomy

I don’t think I can ever stop watching this show. To my defence, the last season’s finale was pretty damn epic. I just hope there’s a whole let less Cristina/Owen depressing-ness. I could have done with a whole lot less of that last season. Smack them both upside the head for all I care!

New Girl

Some people found Zooey a little too kooky in New Girl. Not me. Adorable. Crazy. Brilliant. Though my favourite thing about the show? Schmidt! I need more Schmidt in my life right now. He is the best thing about that show. I just hope they don’t turn him into another Barney from How I Met Your Mother.

Those are the returning shows. What about new shows? I’m not all that on the pulse with them, but there have been a few that have caught my eye.

Last Resort

Shawn Ryan gave us the excellent, but cancelled Terries. Followed by the equally as engaging The Chicago Code, which was also cancelled. Here’s his next TV outing – Last Resort. It looks a bit unbelievable and a little different from what Shawn Ryan’s done before. But I’m interested. Definitely interested

666 Park Avenue

Terry O’Quinn makes me want to watch this. I’ll be giving it a shot just because he’s in it. It feels a little bit like The Devil’s Advocate in some ways. For me. Looks interesting.


The pilot’s already been seen and it didn’t impress too much. But I’m willing to give this show the benefit of the doubt considering the names behind it – Jon Favreau and Eric Kripke. Still looks like networks are trying to find the new Lost. I wish they’d stop trying.


I think I was one of the few people on the planet to not have seen any of BBC’s Sherlock. I’ll get round to it, maybe, one day. But looks like Sherlock Holmes’ is in. What with the films, the BBC series and now this. Could be good.


Smallville wasn’t something I watched. Well, apart from the first couple of seasons. But I’m all for a bit more comic book action on the small screen. This looks like it’ll fill the gap until we get to see Joss Whedon’s SHIELD project.


The trailer for Hunted popped up on my TV screen and it caught my eye. Melissa George and Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje in a TV series? Excellent. Looks like a nice little bit of TV espionage.

There you have it. My TV schedule is going to be busy as per usual. Anything I’ve missed? (Yes, I’m always looking to fill it further!)


  1. Very good choices! I’ll be watching everything on that list, with the exception of Grey’s. I’ve watched the advance pilot for Last Resort and it is INTENSE. Based on the recent track record for Shawn Ryan shows, I’m a bit worried about the show’s longevity. Hopefully, it finds an audience. I don’t see The Walking Dead on the list. This season is based on the prison arc, which is the best of the source material and the season I’ve been waiting for since the series began. I had to suffer through a short and somewhat inconsistent first season and a drawn out second season on the farm, but now the show is right where I want it to be. I hope they do it justice.

      • Thanks Jason! Can always count on you for those all important dates 🙂

        Finally saw the pilot of Last Resort and it was good. It didn’t completely draw me in. I’m intrigued for sure and will definitely check out more of it. But some of it felt a little too far fetched and just didn’t sit well with me. We shall see.

        Yeah, I bailed on The Walking Dead half way through last season. The coming season does look more like what I thought the show was going to be. But the characters drain me! I might give season 3 a looksee.

  2. So Revenge is good? I wanted to see that ebcause it has Madeline Stowe, I really like her and she didn’t do anything noteworthy for a while – i should give this show a chance. I’m really looking forward to new season of Homeland and especially for new AHS, Adam Levine casting is really weird, though, but I think he won’t have major role in the season.

    • Revenge is fantastic! It might feel a bit soapy and you might feel a bit dirty watching it. But trust me, it’s SO much fun to watch. Madeline Stowe is deliciously evil. And yet, sympathetic. You must check it out!

      Isn’t Adam Levine too busy with The Voice or some shit?

  3. I’m sooo excited for ARROW!! That’s the only show I’m looking forward to. I don’t usually have time for TV but I’ll make time for that Christian Bale lookalike Stephen Amell! 😉

  4. I have not heard of most of these shows, but I will be looking into them. I am waiting for…

    SUPERNATURAL, The Walking Dead, Homeland, 30 Rock, community and fringe…

    • I wish Supernatural to be good this season. Seriously. Last season just flagged. Also, I have a feeling I’m going to miss Bobby a whole lot more.

  5. DEXTER!!!!!! I can’t wait either. OMG, I don’t even know what’s going to happen to Deb. I guess she doesn’t “love him” like that anymore, uh? LOL I thought that was a weird direction the writers were going with. Come on….they grew up together as brother and sister. Can’t go from family to lovers. Anyways, I can’t wait!!!!!! I have a “don’t bother me” face during the Dexter hour.

    • So glad they ditched the Deb/Dexter thing. And quickly. Just so so so wrong! Also, awkward for those two, especially after the divorce!

      Only just over a week to go!!!

  6. Of your shows listed, I can’t wait for Homeland and New Girl! Those first seasons left such great impressions and I hope the quality and entertainment value lasts!

    I still watch Dexter and Grey’s Anatomy, and I too can’t quit them. Grey’s had a very strong season, which is nice because I was growing tired of it in recent years. Feels like they’ve bounced back. As for Dexter… I thought it was a pretty horrible 6th season, their worst yet. This Deb/Dex twist better give the show the creative jolt it needs!

    I wasn’t blown away by season 1 of AHS, but I liked it enough to give season 2 a shot. I have low expectations, which may work in its favor. 🙂

    Enjoy the new season!

    • I was close to ditching Grey’s too. It has definitely bounced back really well. Hoping it keeps up the momentum from the finale. It needs to.

      Dexter did flag last season. Colin Hanks and Adama himself, Edward James Olmos, were great additions to the cast. It just fell a bit flat. Though, still one of the better things on TV for me.

      American Horror Story’s an interesting one. It was a slow boil for me. After the Halloween two-parter, I was gripped. So, took me a while to warm to it.

      So much TV to look forward to!

  7. I don’t watch any of these! Actually, I do. I watch Fringe, but we are latecomers to it so have only just finished season 2 on DVD. Our favourite show, which wouldn’t be on your list because it started in August, is Supernatural. We are huge fans.

    • You are in for so much fun in Fringe! It gets better and better. So sad to see it go, but it had a good run.

      Supernatural’s great too. Well, the first five seasons. After that, I’ve been a bit disappointed 🙁

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