The last of the nice autumn days

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Sitting on the sofa contemplating switching the heating on, blanket on my lap, watching Buffy season 4’s Fear, Itself and wondering if the rain outside is ever going to stop. It looks like those sunny autumn days are over and those crappy autumn days are moving in. Damnit.

Yesterday was a total 180 of today. Yesterday was sunny, bright though with a bit of a chilly breeze. Still, it was dry and I had some time to kill.

I was tempted to drive down to Virginia Water for a lovely walk. But figured there’s got to be somewhere closer that’s similar.

Denham Country Park is what I found. So off I went with camera in hand.

Denham Country Park

Along the Grand Union Canal

Denham Country Park

Standing over the Grand Union Canal

Denham Country Park

Autumn seeds blowing in the wind

Denham Country Park

I was a little disappointed! Sure there were open spaces, some water and ponds and the like. But there was also loads of rubbish, graffiti and it just didn’t feel like a nice country walk-y place. Which was sad. Also, nothing was inspiring me. Photo wise. Aside from the few photos I took. Sad.


  1. To say you weren’t inspired, you sure came up with some beautiful shots regardless! In particular, I really like the composition of the last shot, as well as the subject matter itself which is quite a unique looking thing.

    • Thank you Jina!

      That was the most unique thing I could find in that place. I was trying to figure out if it was a metal statue of a heron or just some generic bird….

  2. What a shame the walk didn’t please. Despite having lived here pretty well all my life, I am still surprised by the weather. I mean, we are not so very far from you but Saturday was beautiful all day and it didn’t rain on Sunday. Today is drizzly but warm. Weird.

    • The weather is crazy. I know that when it snows, where I live maybe completely under a massive blanket. But 10 minutes away there’s nothing! Gotta love a micro climate, huh?

    • Yep. Mostly because either side of the long boat was a pile of rubbish or a bunch of graffiti! Not the prettiest of scenes!

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