It’s Secret Santa time!

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A little while ago I got an email from the people over at Money Supermarket asking if I’d like to participate in a Secret Santa Challenge. Now, I’m not much of a Christmas person. Sure I’ve got a Christmas tree (Which I’ve yet to put up.) but I’m not much of a gift buying person. Christmas for me is all about the over indulgence of food and TV. Also, whenever I hear the words ‘secret santa’ my memories remind me of some rather hilariously ridiculous office secret Santas which I did in the past.

But this one sounded good. Money Supermarket are going to pair me up to a blogger in the same niche as my blog. There’s a £25 limit (All good secret Santas need to have a reasonable limit.) and it’s up to us to buy whatever we feel is a good fit for whichever blogger we’ve been paired up with. We can buy the gift online or offline. It’s totally up to us. There is of course a prize for the blogger who comes up with the most creative secret santa gift. Sounded, potentially, like it could be a little bit of seasonal fun. So I replied to the email with a big, why not! Well, not literally that, that would be a bit weird. But you get my drift.

A couple of weeks passed and I got my email telling me who I’d been partnered with – Dragons and Fairy Dust. So I checked out the blogger who was my secret santa. Have to admit, I did wonder why I was partnered with this particular blogger as I don’t think our blogs fit in the same sort of niche. But oh well! Just makes it a tad more challenging. I’m hoping it’s something she’ll like. Hopefully!

Anywho, I’m happy to say I’ve bought the gift. Should be winging its way over to Dragons and Fairy Dust shortly.

I do wonder who I have got paired up with and wondering what sort of gift I’ll end up getting. To be honest though, it’s always fun getting gifts, no matter what they are. Usually!


  1. I’m not really in the Christmas spirit yet, I’ll have to be soon! Enjoy your secret santa challenge!
    Remember I wrote Safety Not Guaranteed was not getting a release in UK, well turns out they are going to after all, it’s out this xmas Dec 26th, in selected cinemas I suppose.

    • Ooo. I hope one of those selected cinemas is near me, but I’ve not got my hopes high. Surrounded by multiplexes.

  2. I’ve never taken part in a Secret Santa, let alone an online version of one! That’s actually pretty awesome. Can’t wait to see how it pans out 😀

  3. Cool! I wonder who got you and what you’ll get. I’m sure your partner is going to love your gift! This is so much fun. I wish I could participate!

    • Maybe next year we should do a worldwide bloggers secret santa? I know there was one doing the rounds on Google+, but I was too lazy to join in!

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