365 catch-up Take Two

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Project 365

Playing catch-up again. Hopefully, this will be the last of the catch-up postings. Hopefully.

Day 39
Apologies for the blurry nature of the photo but I think there might have been a bit of a shake of excitement. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis tickets are HERE! Now I just have to wait until September. It’s not far off!

Day 40
I now have enough basil to see me through the entire summer. Out of all the seeds that I had planted before going to Portugal, the only survivors? Basil. Coriander? Dead. Chilies? Dead. Something else that I planted that I can’t remember? Dead. I blame the weird warm weather. I wasn’t expecting that! And living alone there’s no one to look after the little things.

Day 41
The lawn is looking in a sorry state. A very sorry state. It’s just a bit too warm. Yes, I could water the lawn. But you see I live in a part of England where if everyone’s using their own hose pipes and water supply, the pressure goes down to zero. Every single freaking evening.

Day 42
The weather’s very pretty right now in England and what better way to spend a Saturday afternoon than a stroll along the Long Walk in Windsor’s Great Park.

Day 43
Meh. I do adore my Nexus 4, but not the camera. It’s fairly useless. Though I can imagine trying to take a photo of the moon with any phone camera is hard. Instead, here’s my patio light shining insanely bright whenever I moved an inch to take a photo of the moon. Thanks, jerk!

Day 44
Today was going to be another fairly ishy photo chronicling the recovering from my surgery as I got my stitches out today. All four of them. Yeah, not exactly a massive amount. But they did itch. Scratch. Pinch. And everything in between. The removal of the stitches wasn’t pleasant. But they’re out and I figured, let’s start using the camera again. Got the perfect chance when I saw this. What the HELL is it exactly? I thought it was just some leaves stuck to the tree. OHHH NO. That’s not a bloody leaf. It looks like a moth. Well two. Or is it two? Someone, help!


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