Life, Love and the Movies blogathon

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Life, Love and the Movies Blogathon

Here I am. Taking part in my first blogathon of the year. And hopefully not my last one.

So what’s it all about? This here is the Life, Love and the Movies Blogathon, where I answer a few questions about film, life and love. Unsurprisingly!

Here’s hoping they are all vaguely interesting answers to some interesting questions. I did have fun answering all of them. Even if more than one stumped me.


Back to the Future

1. What was the first movie you saw in the cinema and what do you remember about that visit?
I think it was DuckTales the Movie: Treasure of the Lost Lamp. I think. Often, I’m wrong about these things. That was in 1990, so that would have made me 6 years old. Sounds about right. What do I remember about the visit? Well, it was my uncle taking me and my brother. Unfortunately we missed the morning showing, ended going for the afternoon one and I remember my uncle taking his afternoon nap during that showing. Back in the day when there were still some independent cinemas around.

2. Are there any movies you have very strong memories of which are not because of the movie (for example something which happened at the time you were watching it)?
I remember when I was about 15/16 years old and going to the cinema to try to see Stigmata. Picture this – a group of 16-year-old girls (Around 10 of us.) discussing our plan of attack when trying to see a film that was rated 18. In front of the cinema staff. When they actually cared. Never did get to see that film in the cinema. Our plan of attack failed massively.

3. Which movies had a big impact on you and changed a (small) part of your view on life?
I don’t think any film has managed that for me, yet. I’m pretty stubborn and changing my view on any aspect of life will take some doing. Unless it’s something I think I thought myself.

4. Do you have any comfort movies which you return to because you are in a specific mood (for example if you are feeling down/nursing a heartbreak)?
The Princess Bride is my go-to film when I feel ill. Brings a smile to my face and lets me forget that I’m not 100%, for a little while at least.

Rosario Dawson5. If a movie would be made about your life, what type of movie would it be and who would you like to portray you?
Right, this is a tough question. Definitely not a rom-com. There’s neither a lot of rom nor com in my life. Sadly, not a drama either. My life is distinctly lacking in drama. It appears that any film made about my life would be entirely too boring to even thought to get made. I don’t know who would play me in this distinctly boring genre-less film. Perhaps Rosario Dawson. Girl’s kinda awesome.

6. Which existing movie best represents you? (Thanks guys, you know how to make these questions tough!)
Something like Back to the Future. The entire trilogy, seen as one film. The whole notion that our paths aren’t set out in front of us. We take each day as it comes and remember the past, but don’t live by it. Try as you might to try to fix the past. There’s no fixing it. Get up and move on and take the future, one step at a time. It’s something I come back to and keep reminding myself every day. Well, not every day. But, let’s say, every other day.

7. If you knew you would die tomorrow, what would be the last movie you would want to see?
Young Frankenstein – that film holds some happy memories for me.

8. If you can spend your life working in the film industry, what would you be and why? (you know, director, producer, actor, cinematographer, costume designer, sound designer etc?)
When I was at school I always wanted to be involved in the computer graphics side of film. The technical stuff. But I soon realised I didn’t really have an aptitude for software programming! Right now though, I’d like to be involved in the cinematography side of filmmaking. Combining my passion for film with my love of photography.


The Princess Bride

1. Did you ever have a first kiss with someone while at the cinema and if so which movie was playing?
Nope! Total attention on the screen. No time for any of that!

(500) Days of Summer2. What is your favourite movie relationship and why?
Wouldn’t call this a favourite of mine, but I liked the relationship between Summer and Tom in (500) Days of Summer. I wouldn’t say it was realistic, but it kind of was a more realistic portrayal of the ups and downs of a real relationship. Made extreme for film.

3. When did your love for movies start and how has it grown?
Honestly, can not pinpoint the time where my passion for films stemmed from. Think it began by me seeing film as a brilliant way to pass the time on a rainy Sunday afternoon. Gradually, they just became a part of my regular, day-to-day, life.

4. If you have to choose one film to watch with your loved one, what would it be and why?
It’s a toss-up between The Princess Bride and Young Frankenstein. But I’ll probably opt for Young Frankenstein because I can be a soppy git – it was the first film we saw together.

5. If you can choose one character from a movie to be your significant other who would it be and why?
Well, I wouldn’t say no to Tony Stark. Or Thor. All for totally and utterly fickle, flighty reasons. Tony Stark has the added bonus of all the moneys in the world. Thor, well, he’s a demi God. Quite happily take Eames from Inception – seems like the kind of down to Earth, sense-of-humour filled guy I’d like. And he’s got the added bonus of being able to handle himself in a fight. I’ll stop myself here; the list could get a fair bit longer.

6. What was the first movie that made you fall in love with film and cinema?
Probably Ridley Scott’s Gladiator. Call me a late bloomer! I think it was the first film where I really noticed the film and the score. Man… the score! Definitely where my obsession with film scores started too.

7. How did your passion for movies turn you into a movie blogger?
Well, I wouldn’t call myself a movie blogger as such. More like someone who has a blog and occasionally rambles about a film, here or there. Can’t put my finger on when or how that happened. It just sort of happened. As I wrote more about films on this blog, more people came to read what I said. (SHOCKING!) And then I started reading what other film bloggers had to say and it sort of snowballed from there.

8. What is your favourite date from a movie?
Before Sunrise comes to mind. The only date from a film I can really remember. Probably because the entire film is that one date. But … the idea of it brings on the warm and fuzzies in me. It makes the idealist shut up. More so, because we now know how Jesse and Celine eventually end up.

And that’s what you’re getting from me. Hope that interested you. At least a little. I’ll take a smidgen too. Fun to write and think about. Even if some questions lay unanswered for a week or so.


  1. Very interesting set of questions. I like that it adresses why we love films, why we keep watching them and what we get after seeing them. It goes straight to the core of being a cinephile and I like that. You had very interesting answers too and it’s nice to read about other people’s memories of what made them fall in love with film in the first place.

  2. I like the Stigmata story. I remember seeing Blair Witch Project (which I think was a 15 certificate) with my friend, my sister and her friend who I was head-over-heels in love with when I was 16 and thinking how embarrassing it would be if I was asked for my ID. Thankfully I wasn’t.

    First 12-rated film I saw was Hugh Grant’s Nine Months. Saw it when I was 11! How pleased was I! 🙂

    Love Back To The Future and I love the fact you chose that for question 6. Good answer to a tough question!

    Best date… Before Sunrise – of course, should have thought of that one too!

  3. Nice answers! The Princess Bride just became a recent favorite of mine. It’s definitely a fun movie to watch when my spirits are down too. 🙂

  4. Young Frankenstein! What a choice! This was a really fun post to read. Such a fun assortment of movies throughout it!

  5. Fun answers Jaina! Oh I’d take Eames too for my significant other, but I’d go for Loki instead of Thor 😉

    Glad you love Gladiator too, boy that’s such a glorious film. I haven’t seen it in a while but I remember rewatching that several times when it was out on dvd. Ridley and Russell at their best, ever!

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