Not an Open Book

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Not an open book

The first two words in the tagline for this blog is “Personal blog.” I fear those words have lost their connection with what I actually write. Over time, it’s become harder for me to be totally honest and open here. Writing this post isn’t easy either. I’ve spent most of my time procrastinating by installing and customising a new theme, rather than writing.

When I have an idea for a new post, one of the first thoughts that often jumps into my head is, “What will other people think of me if I write and publish this?” Fear has driven many potential blog posts away from this blog. I want to be able to articulate exactly what I’m feeling, but the fear of judgement is too strong.

I have no problem with being completely honest about the films or TV shows I watch. The places I go out to eat at. The books I read. When the topic is more personal in nature I shy away, for fear that I personally will be judged. Tell me I shouldn’t care. I’m old enough to know that myself! It’s a case of getting over it. Or rather getting over myself.

Hats off to those bloggers who can be honest and open books with their readers—I really admire how you can write so openly on matters that are more personal and close to your heart. How do you do it?


  1. First of all, I love the new theme. Second of all, I totally hear where you’re coming from. As a blogger it’s hard to strike a balance between upbeat, everyday topics and serious personal reflection. I’ve been extremely personal on my blog over the years, but only at certain times. Sometimes I worry that my subject matter has become too banal as my life has become more stable. But all I can do is write about what inspires me at the time and have faith that my readers will enjoy it.

    • Heather, you’re one of the bloggers I admire for being able to be honest in your writing. Striking that balance is tricky, and it’s something I’ve still got to work on. A good start might be getting back to blogging regularly…

  2. I feel you. Sometimes I find it hard to stick to one topic for my blog, which is a blog about multiculturalism and cultural diversity. At first I stuck to writing about racism and identity issues. I do worry about what others think, but then two years into blogging I realised everything is open to interpretation. These days I write what I feel, what I believe in but I do like to incorporate different arguments in my posts – and I reckon the more perspectives, the more relatable a piece of writing can be.

    • That’s a great way to look at things, Mabel. And it’s reassuring to read that other bloggers struggle with the same internal worries and fears as I do. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read and comment!

  3. moviesandsongs365

    Just know you are not the only one who feels a little iffy about sharing personal things online. It depends, some are more open than others. For me, there has to be a reason for sharing it. There are things I only tell face to face. But if I have a relatable question for my blog that might interest my readers, then I think it’s ok to be honest about a specific topic. Someone once told me in highschool that long-lasting friendships are not built on secrets, but on mutual interests. A quote I’ll never forget. Of course a blog can be too impersonal as well, which I worry I am sometimes. Your writing is more personal than mine, and I’m sure you’ll find what works best for you. By the way, the new website design looks good, I like the drop-down menu!

    • “For me, there has to be a reason for sharing it.” I share these same feelings too. Sometimes I wonder if me asking this question puts me off writing what I want to write, constantly second guessing myself.

      Thanks for the kind words and reassurance. Always appreciate your wise words, Chris.

  4. I liked your last theme, but I like this one, too. You’re unique. This I know based on your themes. Is that weird?

    It’s hard to be personal and honest. I think my readership has dropped in half over the last one 😛 But at the end of the day, I can say, I’m putting myself out there, I’m taking risks and I think that’s an alright thing to do, as long as I’m not hurtful, right?

    I told myself that if I wanted to be serious, as a writer, then I needed to publish blog posts and hit publish on those posts that made my heart beat faster. So, that’s how I do it for what it’s worth.


    • Not weird at all! Well, maybe a little 😉 For some reason I get bored of frustrated with themes after x amount of time.

      Your writing is fantastic, Lani. I love how you write about some truly personal things with such honesty. It really shows off your personality, and that’s what makes your writing so interesting.

      Keep putting yourself out there, you’re writing some great stuff.

      • Thank you so much. You’ve made my morning…maybe my week, too. We’ll see how it goes. Hahaha. Just kidding. Not really. Okay, maybe a little. xxoo

  5. There are certain topics I choose not to blog: stuff at work, my career, disagreements with family..anyone can locate my blog on the Internet. And they do. So yes, the reality is that you will be judged by people who won’t know you personally and deeply in person. I don’t want my blog to be merely a venting machine, a catharsis. Nor do I want it to be a personal journal –how boring.
    I do write with some purpose in mind. I do want my blog to show the best of what I think, create and articulate. And I choose topics from an angle that’s “Me”, I also write intentionally for my friends and family who haven’t visited some of places, nor seen the same things as I have or about personal history that is more of a reflection. Some parts of the blog is verging on a memoir in topic selection,etc.

    • You’ve hit the nail on the head about writing intentionally. But it can also help you write some great work.

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