Muharraq on a Quiet Sunday Afternoon

Strolling by on a Quiet Sunday Afternoon, in Muharraq

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The time between lunch time and just before the sun goes down is generally a quiet time in Muharraq. Shops and restaurants are closed. Cars still whizz by on the roads, but there’s definitely fewer people about. And this is in winter, when the weather isn’t trying to kill you.

We’d gone to Muharraq to wander around the Pearling Trail. And of course, like a lot of things in Bahrain, it’s not well-marked or sign-posted. Well, it’s not as if you can get lost in Bahrain, so we just had a wander.

Muharraq’s packed with beautiful mosques, interesting little alleys, and renovated historical houses like this one. It really is a joy to walk around when there are no people!

Though, this shot needed someone in the frame. Someone to give the building a sense of scale. I was lucky. I didn’t have to stand across the street and wait for someone to come along. Someone just happened to be there when I had my camera to my face.

Thanks dude, whoever you are. You helped make this image a little bit more interesting. And saved me the time waiting for just the right person to come along.

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