2020 in photos

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Four hundred and seventy two photos. Surprised even myself going through my Lightroom catalog. For a year that was spent mostly indoors, I’m a little bit impressed with myself. (And that number’s going to go up with some last-week-of-the-year images.)

The collective universe categorised 2020 as… well, not the best year. But looking back on my four hundred and something photos, there was actually a lot of good stuff in there. So, here’s a short stroll down 2020’s memory lane.

Before the 2020 that was

Turns out, there was a 2020 before March when the shit hit the fan. Museums, food festivals, and general outdoorsy-ness. Not to mention all the social interaction. Good times.

Photo of 2 people looking at a classic car.
Photo of the inside of a classic car exhibition in a museum.
Photo of a stand at a food festival.
Photo of the food festival attendees.
Photo of a farm.
Photo of mountains and a cactus.
Photo of a family hiking along a mountainside.

Stay-at-home times

I leant on photography to not let cabin fever in during those few months. Though, there’s only so much you can photograph in an apartment that gets terrible natural light 90% of the time and kind of good natural light the rest of the time.

Black and white photo of patio furniture.
Black and white photo of a close up of some flowers.
Photo of silhouette of a lamp shade looking into a courtyard.
Photo of a close-up of an aloe vera plant.
Photo of some outdoor plants.
Black and white photo of windows on the side of a building.
Black and white photo of a bedroom.
Black and white photo of a door in a room.
Black and white photo of the interior of an apartment.

Quiet times

I had to. For just a couple of afternoons, I wanted to see what the world looked like with everything shut down. (Like so many other folks out there.) It was a little strange to see some places so quiet and devoid of people. But then again, fairly normal for Phoenix just as summer was beginning to hit.

Photo at a low perspective looking towards downtown Phoenix.
Photo of an empty outside bar.
Photo of a row of unused street scooters.
Photo of lined up bicycles.
Photo of an empty indoor gym.

ALL the Botanical Gardens visits

Phoenix’s Desert Botanical Gardens has become my #1 place to take anyone who comes to visit. It’s beautiful. Just see.

Photo of a man looking into the distance at the Phoenix Botanical Gardens.
Photo of people at the botanical gardens.
Close-up photo of cacti.
Close-up photo of a red flower.
Photo of a hummingbird.
Photo of the Papago Buttes from the botanical gardens.
Photo of saguaro cacti.

The good in 2020

We bought a house! Our first house. So, of course, we’re turning it into a project. And I’ll be turning that project into my own photography project.

Photo of a couple holding up keys.
Photo of a couple standing in front of a house.

And when things got marginally safer, we did some exploring. I’ve lived in the US coming up to two years in 2021 and I still feel like I’ve barely seen much of the country. Figured it’s a good idea to start with Arizona.

Photo of mountains.
Photo of an ocotillo plant.
Photo of mountains in Sedona.
Photo of a creek.
Photo of autumn coloured leaves.
Photo of the tops of Sedona's red rocks.
Photo of kayaks on a lake.
Photo of a man looking at mountains in the distance.

And of course, throw in a healthy dose of local exploring around Phoenix. (When I got mildly obsessed at photographing all the palm trees.

Photo of a sunrise.
Photo of Phoenix's skyline.
Photo of the entrance of a church.
Photo of the Westward Ho.
Photo of palm trees in front of the Westward Ho.
Photo of a person's silhouette.
Photo of an empty lot with a palm tree and construction work.
Photo of the shadows of trees.
Photo of two people sitting in a park on the grass.

Thanks for scrolling through and looking and reading my 2020 in photos. Probably more photos than I planned on sharing—I definitely got carried away.

P.S. If you want to buy prints of my photos, I‘m selling some here. If you’ve seen something I’ve posted you’d like as a print, leave a comment, and I’ll add it to the store.


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