Black and white photo of a person crossing a set of crossroads lined with palm trees on the right.

At the crossroads

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Last week, I accidentally fell into a theme with the images I posted. Maybe it wasn’t an accident—maybe it was my subconcious’ way of selecting images I wanted to share. Taking a bit more control this week, and selecting a theme. Starting off easy, with black and white.

I don’t often intentionally shoot with black and white in mind. It’s perhaps how I should go about black and white photos. It’s so easy to use black and white photo editing as a crutch to make a photo more interesting. (Though sometimes that does work!)

This image was originally shot in colour without black and white in mind. But as I was editing, I was drawn the textures and contrast in the image. I enjoy how black and white editing can bring those out more.

And yes, there is a wee bit of noise in this image—I like it! With the black and white editing here, the noise adds to the feel of the image. Not something I typically enjoy in my images. But I think it works here.

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