Photograph of multiple buildings completely filling the frame.

Penned in

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One of my favourite ways to take photos is to completely fill the frame. (And also, completely oppositely—capturing images where there’s a lot of negative space. I like the extremes!) Totally filling the frame often asks the viewer of the image to spend just a moment longer trying to understand what is in the picture.

This image was taken in Bahrain, in January 2016. A view from one of the bedroom windows. Grateful to not be completely penned in on all sides by apartment buildings over there, in the apartment building I lived in. I would have hated to have lived in that small orange building in the middle.

It’s a little weird—I find myself missing those apartment buildings now. They’re often thought of as an eye-sore, but they do give the urban skyline some interest. Phoenix’s skyline is much lower in height. And perhaps more regulated! That’s probably the smarter way to go, heh.

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