Photogaph of a tree with light behind it. But it's so dark you can only really see the outline of the tree and branches.

In the shadows

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Wanted to share another occasion where the photo I had in mind mind didn’t exactly happen. And I’m not exactly pleased with this shot, but there are elements of it I don’t hate.

I wanted to emphasize the light streaming through the tree branches more. And that light—as far as I can remember‚ had such a beautiful warm glow about it. I reckon I’m 70% there with that.

But it’s the foreground that really bothers me. It’s not clean enough. It’s distracting. I wish I had taken another moment re-positioning myself and reframing it better when I took the photo.

Though, I do like how I accidentally captured some of that foreground quite nicely lit by the stray rays of sunshine. Something I didn’t see until I got the photo into Lightroom.

Still very much learning. And I hope I never stop.

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