One Year On



It’s been 1 year since we let Axel go. Despite the circumstances of what happened a year ago, I still miss him a lot. There’s never a week that goes by where he’s not mentioned within the family – happy memories mixed with funny stories.

He was only just over five years, but I’d like to hope we gave him a great set of years.

4 thoughts on “One Year On

    1. Family made the hard decision to put him to sleep after his moods and reactions started changing and after he went for me. He was a lovely companion but it was getting hard for anyone to help him.

      1. I can’t imagine what that must’ve been like for everyone to deal with. I’ve heard people say it’s difficult to retrain a dog after they’ve tried to attack someone (that once they do it, there’s no turning back, etc). God, that’s just such a difficult situation for anyone to find themselves in.

        1. In the last year he had changed a lot. I think once that switch has flipped it’s hard to turn it off. I think it’s something that we as a family, tried to, not ignore, but cope with.

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