… and I’m back


Here I am, hello! As promised, I’m back. I’ve taken a few days off from work, life and everything else to have and recover from a little operation that I had last week.

Just a quick thank you to all the people who sent me tweets, texts, Facebook messages and comments here to wish me luck and all that jazz. Thank y’all very much! They gave me the biggest warm and fuzzy feeling ever. So thank you!

So what did I have done?

A couple of years back I had a little accident. My dog decided I looked good enough to take a bite of. Ever since then my wrist hasn’t been right. Two years after going backwards and forwards to doctors, physios and consultants I finally got some more tests done late last year. I had an MRI scan in December which showed a small tear in my cartilage. No matter how small it was, it was still bloody painful! But thankfully, fixable. And easily.

Last week I had some keyhole surgery to fix that. I think, hopefully it has. I won’t know exactly what happened in the surgery until next week when I meet with my consultant. (He was out of my surgery and on his way home before I even came to from the anaesthetic!) That’s when I’ll get the stitches out. Hurrah! They may be tiny stitches but dang they pull!

It’s a bit painful moving the wrist. Every now and then I manage to bash my hand somewhere which makes my face look like I just ate a lemon. Typing is a little tricky. In that I am currently doing most of it with my left hand. And slowly. But getting there. The benefits of keyhole surgery over open surgery is that I can do this already.

Fingers crossed everything’s fixed and sorted. Downside? I have to put aside my deposit on that bionic arm I had my eye on.