Well what do you know. The sun came out this weekend


After all the moaning about the weather (Something us Brits know how to do perfectly.) we finally have some sun! I might actually go as far as to say that it felt somewhat like summer this weekend. I can’t remember the last time we had weather like this. I’m sitting here, it’s nearly 10pm, the back door and all the windows are open and I don’t even feel a tiny bit cold. FINALLY!

Enjoying the garden

The weather was so good this weekend I finally put the garden furniture out. I haven’t had them out at all so far this year. Milestone!

Much like a lot of Brits out there, as soon as the sun comes out, everyone’s in their gardens keeping busy and getting things tidy. This was definitely in my schedule, but sadly I had resigned myself to be spending some time indoors in front of my laptop doing some work.

First things first though. The weekend started on Friday evening and my weekend went off with a most excellent start as The Dark Knight Rises was finally out in cinemas. I of course had to see it on Friday night. And I did. And I loved it. You can read my rather lengthy and spoiler filled thoughts here. Cliff notes? I loved it very much. So much, I’m planning on seeing it again on Tuesday night!

The Dark Knight Rises was my only filmic event of the weekend sadly. Well, not sadly. I was too busy enjoying the weather! Or rather, making the most out of it.

Saturday was due to be a busy day. I had a few hours of work to do, followed by dog walking at Dogs Trust, followed by more work and then some gardening. My morning’s work got a little bit distracted. See, I couldn’t get started with my work until I’d written up my thoughts on The Dark Knight Rises. Sad. I know. But I needed to get it all down and written out!

Danbo judging my work

Danbo takes a good long look at my work for the day.

Walking the dogs was nice on Saturday. Sunny. A little squishy underfoot. But not enough to give me wet feet. I walked one slightly crazy dog and one completely adorable one. The slightly crazy dog pulled so much on the lead that the marks on my wrist have only just faded. Ouch.

Despite being ever so sightly knackered after the walking the lawn in my garden wasn’t going to cut itself:

The lawn - before

The state of my lawn before I got started on it. A mess in short.

Yep. That was the state of it. It’s rained for such a long time! Thankfully, it now looks like this!

The lawn - after

And the after photo. So much nicer! All neat and short. Bet it won’t stay like this for long.

So much nicer. It was hard work though. I love my garden, but sometimes I wish it’d shrink whenever I needed to do the lawn.

Sunday’s been a lazy day filled with more gardening, dim sum and sitting in the garden. Finally finished reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. It got a bit painful towards the end. When I mean painful, I mean boring. I just wanted it to end. On the fence about whether I want to read the rest of the books in the series. Currently leaning towards not.

Now I’m counting down the days until I go off to Portugal to see my olds. 9 days to go! And only 1 more day until I can see The Dark Knight Rises again. Obsessed? Me? Never.

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How was all of your weekends? Films? Dark Knight Rises? All of you other Brits enjoy the weather?