Tucker and Dale are my new favourite allies to take on horror film evil

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Tucker and Dale vs. Evil

Tucker & Dale are on vacation at their dilapidated mountain cabin when they are attacked by a group of preppy college kids.

It feels like it’s taken me forever to sit down to watch this film. Well, nearly three years according to the original release date which was back in 2010. Was it really that long ago?

A quiet Sunday afternoon seemed like a good time to sit and watch Tucker and Dale vs. Evil, with the family. After all, my dad had been saying he’d been wanting to watch a comedy for a while. Meanwhile my mum is a little sensitive to onscreen violence.

Well, we all laughed our guts out. Even my mum. Though, her laughter was definitely more of the “This is hilarious! But I shouldn’t be laughing at other people’s pain!”. I reassured her – those kids deserved it. I have never seen my mum hide her laughter as much as she did while watching this film.

A little bit like how The Cabin in the Woods disassembles the typical horror film, Tucker and Dale vs. Evil reverses it. With a bit of a sweet message behind it. Or was that just me seeing that?

The humor is perfect. Every single comedic moment had me either nearly busting a gut laughing, or actually busting a gut laughing. Hysterical laughter. Not seen a film that’s had that effect on me in a long time. A lot of that has to do with the hapless hillbilles – Tucker and Dale. Tyler Labine and Alan Tudyk are the perfect pairing. I’ve always been a fan of Tudyk’s comedy roles. (Yes, even in A Knight’s Tale.) And yes, Wash from Firefly was a favourite of mine. He’s got great comedy timing and never misses a moment here. The chainsaw scene was probably my favourite – HILARIOUS! Oh and the college kids attempt at storming the cabin. Actual laugh out loud moments right there.

As horror comedies/parodies go, this is up there with Shaun of the Dead and The Cabin in the Woods. Hoping it’ll be the indie classic it deserves to be.

Tucker and Dale vs. Evil (Viewed: 27/01/13 | Rating: 4/5)

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