Green flash from the past

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I love Chucks/Converse as much as the next person. But my feet don’t. Specifically, my little toes. So, I’ve been searching for a replacement. Without much luck. (I bought a pair of Jack Purcell Chucks a month back as a consolation of not being able to find an alternative.)

Did find something amusing on my search. These:

Dunlop Green Flash Trainers

Dunlop green flash trainers. Never has an item of footwear filled me with as much revulsion when I was at school.

Dunlop Green Flash Trainers. These trainers are now about £30 and above. These trainers were part of my school uniform PE kit. They were mandatory and totally uncool. We all hated wearing them. So much so, as soon as we were old enough to be given a little leeway by the PE teachers, we swapped them out for our much cooler trainers.

We were so ahead of the curve at school!


  1. I hated those trainers so much – and I never understood why we had to wear them for PE either, and not just because they are hideous but because they have very little in the way of support for your feet and ankles. (That may have changed in the last fifteen years but give the Converse comparison, probably not.)

    • YES! I had shitty ankles as a child, and still sorta do now, but those trainers were horrible for anything remotely sporty. I had a note from my mum so I could wear something with an arch in it.

  2. I think they look pretty cool, but I can understand if you had to wear them your thoughts might be different 🙂

    • It’s like anything when you’re a child that you HAVE to do. You’ll immediately rebel! I could probably see myself wearing these now. Maybe!

    • Our whole school uniform was green! Green and RED! We looked like we were decked out for Christmas all year round. Ridiculous!

      • You think that’s bad… my school’s uniform was BROWN when I attended it. (They’ve since changed the uniform, to black and purple, I believe.)

  3. I love me some cool Chucks! I used to have one in leather, but I had to “chuck” them when they started to get a little worn out. I miss them. For now, I’ve been wearing my Converse, which looks pretty manly on me…more manly than the leather Chucks. LOL

    I’m sure no one is looking at your feet when you are wearing your full PE gear. I’m sure you are not the only one wearing it, right? I’m sure you look great!

    • We all wore them. We all had to. We all looked equally as bizarre in grey netball skirts and red shirts.

      I would love some leather Converse. But they kill my feet. But they look so pretty. So very torn.

    • They look like they’re the new Converse. Remember when Converse were only about £15 a pop? Miss those days!

  4. These shoes aren’t so bad, but if they remind you of your childhood uniform, then of course they’re revolting. I have a pair of Jack Purcell Chucks too, I think….not so good on my toesies either. Don’t wear them ever.

    • I’ve found the first couple of months of wearing any new type of Converse, my toes are fine. After that, it’s like the shoes just want to kill my feet. WHY? In-built self destruct?

  5. Bit late, but £30 is way too much for these trainers. You can get them for about £15 a pair at Sports Direct. They are super comfy once broken into and super cute, too.

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