Project 365: 2014 – July

Project 365

Project 365: July 2014

July – the month of my birth and my favourite month of the year. Though not because of the birthday. Personally, not a fan of birthdays. While I make every mental effort to think of them as any other day, I usually fail at that. So, it was nice that this year, my 30th was a nice, chilled and overall good day. Scary part of July done!

Why is July my favourite month? I adore summer. July for me equals summer. When it’s lovely and warm outside and you don’t have to wrap up going out. Days are long. Barbecues. Sitting in the park. Of course all of that has changed now that I’ve moved to Bahrain!

As for the rest of the month – it’s been fairly quiet. Except for the whole looking for a new place to live followed by the eventual moving at the end of the month.

Highlights of the month include finally building up my wardrobe again (I have clothes! Actual clothes and don’t have to wear the same sodding outfit out, over and over again.), my wonderful birthday pancakes and sushi dinner treat, booking a holiday for August and OH NOT FORGETTING – the whole packing to move!

August is going to whizz by. I can just feel it.