Project 365: 2014 – November

Project 365

Project 365: November

It’s been a quiet November here at the blog and for me personally. A combination of nothing at all happening and then everything happening at once.

For the first couple of weeks I was waiting for the man to come back from his work trip to the States, where he had been for just about a month. So that waiting part can definitely be classified as the quiet part of the month. A few days after his return my folks came over for their first ever visit to Bahrain. And that’ll be the everything happening at once part of November.

So with the folks over there was a little bit of sight-seeing. Showing them what Bahrain has to offer.

Tried to continue the trend, from October, to catch up on films. In a nutshell: Disappointing – Silver Linings Playbook, American Hustle, Don Jon; Twisted – Filth; Terrifying – Terror at the Mall. Watching both Touching the Void and Terror at the Mall did reignite my need to keep watching more documentaries. It’s been so long.

Sadly the end of November has been capped off with a bout of bronchitis for me. YAY! Humph.

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What’s happening in December?

Well, there’s that big holiday some call Christmas where we’ll be hosting Christmas. Planning has already begun. The menu’s not quite set. Soon!

New Years needs some sort of planning. Though, I’ll be just as happy spending New Years with good friends and good booze. Those two might be the same thing…

Anything else that December has to offer will be a complete surprise.