Staring back at me

Photo: Staring right through me


Snapping away at the farmers market the other Saturday I took this very accidental shot.

Going through the photos in Lightroom a couple of days later I came across this photo. This woman staring right back at me through the lens. I had no idea.

Street photography is one type of photography I’d like to do more of. But I’m not yet over that feeling of being that person randomly on the street with a camera, taking photos of random stuff.

9 thoughts on “Photo: Staring right through me

  1. I love this kind if photography, it’s when you notice afterwards that people were looking straight through you and you captured an unfiltered emotion that is the most exciting part!

  2. A dramatic shot! My fear in street photography is someone punching me in the face or taking my camera & breaking it. Some people just don’t want their photos taken. Some cultures, it’s unlucky (?) to have your picture taken, right?

    1. Some cultures are like that, yep. The best way is just to ask. At least if you ask first you can’t and shouldn’t really get punched in the face!

  3. Count me in with the people who would love to do some street photography but are nervous about doing it. It’s a wonderful thing to be able to capture a truly ‘in the moment’ shot. Not quite the same, but some of the best family/friend shots I have in my stash are ones where they were caught off guard.

    If the above shot is anything to go by, I hope you do more of it. 🙂

    1. Catching truly natural/candid moments of family/friends is one of my favourite types of photos too – much better than the “everyone, pose!”. I can see a link between that and street photography – you’re trying to capture an emotion in a single moment of time, in a candid environment.

      I hope I’m brave enough to do more of it. I still get ridiculously self conscious when out with my camera.

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