Remember when… #1: I moved to Bahrain

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Excuse me while I attempt to kick-off something that might vaguely resemble a regular feature on this blog of mine.

I’m sentimental when it comes to memories. The Christmas we spent in Portugal with the least Christmas-y lunch ever. What Anish and I wore on our first date. The last meal I had with a bunch of guys, before we all went down separate career paths, after working together for a year. Going to my first convention and being part of that group.

I don’t let myself look back that often. Just occasionally. It’s the future you’ve got to look forward to. Here I’m going to let myself look back once a week. Or maybe every two weeks. (Let’s see how this goes, shall we?)

Today I’m only looking back to a year ago. Well, little over a year ago. When I made the move to Bahrain. The first few weekends were whirlwinds of doing all-the-things.

It was mid-May, so in Bahrain-speak – Summer is coming. Temperatures were rising and there were only a few days when the outside weather was still bearable to do anything outside.

One evening a quick decision was made to head out to Al Dar Island the following day. To make the most of the fine weather, before it felt like stepping into an oven outside.

Four of us headed out on a Sunday morning to Al Dar. A resort island of sorts. With a few beachside rooms for overnighters. Though it’s mostly a day-trippers sort of place. A place to enjoy the beach and sea, away from the busy city.

In reality, it was far too hot for the beach. But damnit, we were going to enjoy ourselves. Beers, cocktails, volleyball – much fun was had.

Of course no one really thought to take photos. Until the end of the day. When you feel like the sun’s zapped every ounce of energy from you. The sea’s made your hair into one hot mess. But you’ve had a great day and you feel like moving to Bahrain’s been one of the most important decisions you’ve made.

Remember when ... #1

I think it’s fair to say, neither of us are looking our best. But somehow Anish looks a touch less beach-swept than I do

That was when I realised life was going to be a little different. But that was perfectly okay.


  1. Guys somehow have it so good that they can spend all day doing things like this and still look like they just walked out of the house, ha! You guys look great =) I’m glad you’re still loving life in Bahrain one year later.

    • They really do have it so good. A few hours out of the house and I look a touch bedraggled!

      Thanks for the kind words, Emily 🙂

  2. Rachael Talibart

    Can it really be a year already? Glad to hear you are enjoying life out there. 🙂

  3. That’s a lovely memory, and a lovely photo! Though if that’s your idea of a hair mess, you’re lucky. My hair in five minutes of mild wind can scare children.
    I can’t believe it’s already been a year. Time seems to move faster these days, or is that just me?

    • I think the sea salt was keeping some hairs in place here. I lucked out 😉

      Time definitely feels like it’s moving faster for me too. Every single time I look back!

  4. Aww, thank you Sara! Reminiscing is fun to do. As long as you don’t get too caught up in the past! Totally guilty of doing that on occasion….

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