Currently… October



It’s harder than I expected it to get back into the routine of writing on a regular basis. For lack of a specific topic, and to avoid staring at a blank page for much longer (because it is driving me crazy), here’s a little life update.

All by myself

I’ve been left to fend for myself for the next three weeks while Anish is Stateside for work. It’s tough. Working from home, I’m accustomed to someone else being here for at least half the day. It’s a little tougher this time without any close friends or family. Time will fly by, and I’ll have someone to make my morning coffees, and cook my lunches for me again.

Loving the outside

Winter is coming to Bahrain. The temperatures are dipping. Evenings are wonderful, if still a little humid. But I am so damn excited about winter. We’ve already done a couple of barbecues, and look forward to more as winter rolls in. I say “winter”, and it’s still in the mid 30s (Celsius) during the day. Still waiting for the day when I can turn the AC off.


My current favourite TV show is Atlanta—few TV shows (or films) have ever made me laugh-out-loud, Atlanta now joins those ranks.

Waiting on the cancellation axe on the new network TV shows that have started this fall before I start any of them. Though I’ve started The Exorcist and it’s keeping me mildly entertained four episodes in. Probably wouldn’t be happening if it wasn’t for Ben Daniels.

A couple of days ago I started Outcast which shares an awful lot with The Exorcist, only with more violence, swearing, and the odd bit of nudity—thank you cable TV. Outcast is a slow show that I don’t yet love nor hate, but perhaps err on the side of “like”. How’s that for a seal of approval?

Westworld on the other hand, just four episodes in, and I think I’m hooked. Those opening credits! Though it’s a reminder that I’ve still to see Deadwood—must change that soon.

In terms of films, have a peek at my Letterboxd diary. Proud that I’ve managed to somehow watch 88 films this year, so far. Thanks to a handful of long haul flights, I expect. Hunt for the Wilderpeople is gunning for my favourite film of the year.


In the middle of American Gods by Neil Gaiman. Enjoying it a lot more than Stardust, and it’s pushing me to explore a few more Gaimans. After American Gods I’ll jump to non-fiction with Michael Pollan’s The Omnivore’s Dilemma. Love his attitude towards food, even if it can come off a little preachy at times.


I broke my squash racket a couple of weeks ago and I’m still ashamed of it. For whatever reason, I get really emotional playing squash. Mostly anger. It can be so frustrating when you just can’t get the shots you’re trying for or you miss a ball for no reason, and then you fling your racket against the wall… and then it breaks. Bugger. Hoping to get that replaced when Anish comes back from the States with a shiny new one, which I promise not to let any anger out on.


It’s been a busy year of travel—Vietnam, Oman (which I’ll blog about eventually), London, Boston, London (again), Lisbon, Algarve. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve been at the airport, including drop-ofs and pick-ups. I’ll be staying put until the end of November, when I’ll be off to Boston again for work. It’s a long trek, but it’s worth it. I kinda love my job. After which I’m looking forward to spending a lovely, sunny, warm Christmas in Bahrain.


I’m struggling with my photography. Lacking in motivation and creativity. Toying with starting a photo-a-day Medium blog. Somewhere that’s away from anything else to journal my every day photography of shit that’s around me, and for the next three weeks that’s mostly things at home, to help me get back into the swing of things.

How are things going in your corners of the world?