Not an Open Book


Not an open book

The first two words in the tagline for this blog is “Personal blog.” I fear those words have lost their connection with what I actually write. Over time, it’s become harder for me to be totally honest and open here. Writing this post isn’t easy either. I’ve spent most of my time procrastinating by installing and customising a new theme, rather than writing.

When I have an idea for a new post, one of the first thoughts that often jumps into my head is, “What will other people think of me if I write and publish this?” Fear has driven many potential blog posts away from this blog. I want to be able to articulate exactly what I’m feeling, but the fear of judgement is too strong.

I have no problem with being completely honest about the films or TV shows I watch. The places I go out to eat at. The books I read. When the topic is more personal in nature I shy away, for fear that I personally will be judged. Tell me I shouldn’t care. I’m old enough to know that myself! It’s a case of getting over it. Or rather getting over myself.

Hats off to those bloggers who can be honest and open books with their readers—I really admire how you can write so openly on matters that are more personal and close to your heart. How do you do it?