Colours under dusty skies

Colours under dusty skies

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There are only a handful of different types of weather in Bahrain—hot, not so hot, and dusty. This day was a dusty day. It’s not just the sky that turns a boring shade of grey—everything does.

Everything at the Bahrain International Circuit is grey or beige, which doesn’t make for a very interesting subject for photos. Then there are these bright spots of colour. I couldn’t resist taking a photo.

Looking back, it was actually relief to not have the usual bright blue, clear skies that day. It would have been an absolute scorcher had it not been so hazy and dusty.


  1. I like what you’ve done to the blog (again). Hahahaha. I suppose at this point we can say I like your aesthetics.Good to see you posting again too!

    • Thanks Lani! It’s been a bit of a process to figure out if I still wanted to blog, where I wanted to blog, and what I wanted to blog about. I’m here… for now at least 🙂

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