Another 365 project failure

2012 Photography Project

So my 365 project for this year has failed. Again. First it just stalled. Then, epic failure.

Well, the use of the word epic might be a little strong. But I started out with such high expectations. Heck, it’s got its own category. I don’t create blog categories willy nilly!

I think failure was more eminent after the partial death/comatisation of my laptop. It just made it harder for me to keep up with the sorting and processing of my shots. Which made me less inclined to take more shots out of fear I wouldn’t be able to keep up.

And then I just plain faced forgot.

At some point I will post the rest of my green themed photos I was taking as part of May’s monthly theme. There’s more than I care to think about to sort through!

I do think I want to try some more mini projects. Like I did last year with the 30 day black & white challenge. Maybe mini projects are the way to go.

(I am beginning to wonder whether I actually did that 365 Project back in 2010. Was it real? How on Earth did I do that?!)

Looking down, like only a semi-Londoner would know how to do

2012 Photography Project

It is said that if you’re a proper Londoner, whether living or working, you don’t look up. You walk around with your head down. Never making eye contact with those around you.

Well, that was me for most of the month. Like I said previously, I decided to spend my month of April taking photos while looking down. At my feet.

I started the month late and missed a few days here and there. But nevertheless, here they are.

Can it be noted that the final photo there took a lot of effort. When I say effort, I mean stomach muscles. I really need to get back to pilates! Also, I don’t like feet. In fact I think they’re just plain ugly. I couldn’t face taking photos of my bare feet. Well, only a couple of occasions. And the other occasions they’re covered in blankets.

Oh and as you can probably tell, I live in my trainers. I was wondering whether the photos would all turn out ridiculously boring because I practically wear the same pair of shoes every day.

What’s the theme for May?

This year is flying by. I can’t believe May’s here already. Well, I bet I say that every year. Meanwhile, every year, it’s always the same!

I was thinking of doing a month of looking up instead of down, for May’s theme. Changing my mind from what I set out last month. But the weather is utterly disgusting and bleak. So this month I’ll be trying to make the most out of the spring like weather and will be taking one photo every day of something green. Flowers, grass, trees, anything natural. Shouldn’t be too hard. I hope.

2012 365 Project: March’s Time and Plan for April

2012 Photography Project

My 365 project for this year is falling apart and I’m going to try to now desperately stick it together. With sticky tape.

So for March, I decided to have the theme of Time. I set out to take a photo every day from the same point at different times of the day. I admit – I missed a couple of days and my impromptu visit to Portugal meant there were a few days at the end of the month I couldn’t do.

In other words… here’s what I did manage!