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Portugal - my second home

Portugal – my home away from home

Mentioning to anyone that my parents live in Portugal confuses the heck out of whomever decided to ask. They’ll look at me and, if they’ve just met me, wonder whether I’m from Portugal. But my name’s not really European. So what gives? (Things get really […]

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Photo: When lightning strikes

Photo: When lightning strikes

Not long ago I spent a good hour standing in my balcony desperately trying to take a photo of some lightning. Not just some lightning, but an epic lightning and thunderstorm that was going on above my head. It didn’t go so well. The best […]

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Staring back at me

Photo: Staring right through me

Snapping away at the farmers market the other Saturday I took this very accidental shot. Going through the photos in Lightroom a couple of days later I came across this photo. This woman staring right back at me through the lens. I had no idea. […]

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Bahrain Fort

Out in Bahrain: Bahrain Fort

A little while ago I posted one photo from my most recent outing to the Bahrain Fort, when the parental units were over visiting. I did in fact take a few more photos, but only just now getting round to posting them. As I’ve said […]

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Between Lenses: Nostalgia

Between Lenses: Nostalgia

My family gifted me with a handmade photo album as a leaving gift when I moved out to Bahrain last May. Filled with all sorts of photos from my childhood until as recent as they could find. Moving to Bahrain, I was limited with what […]

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Photo: That playful glare

Looking for photos for the Things I Miss Most About Winter in Lightroom, stumbled across this photo of Cody. Cody loves the camera. She’s a dog. How could she love the camera? It’s probably more the attention she got. If I had my camera in […]

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Bahrain Sunset

Photo: The Bahrain Sunset

The sunsets in Bahrain are some of the prettiest I have ever seen. Pretty feels like a terrible word to describe them, but sometimes that’s the only word I can muster. Or gorgeous. Which feels just as bad. But they really are. From both our […]

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Photo: A visit from the ‘rentals

Back in November last year, mum and dad came to visit Bahrain. Their first time here. While trying to figure out where to take them in their short, short stay, one place I figured they would like was the Bahrain Fort. It’s one of the […]

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2013 in Photos

2013 in Photos

With all good intentions in my heart, I tried with my photos. Perhaps not enough. I know I should have taken my camera out with me more. And when I did take my camera out and about with me, I should have actually taken it […]

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