Belgium, Beer and Food: Part 1

Belgium, Beer & Food

I do believe I took Europe for granted when I actually lived in the UK. Just the proximity of so many wonderful cities to go and visit. And the fact that it is somewhat cheaper getting to a European city from London than it is Bahrain.

A couple of weeks back we headed off to Belgium for a family holiday. Yes, Belgium. Specifically, Brussels. The aim of the holiday? Eat and drink and maybe do some sightseeing. I think we accomplished that mission. Continue Reading

Seeing life In Your Eyes

In Your Eyes

You ever catch yourself wondering what life would be like if you were seeing it through someone else’s eyes? What if you were that person across the street? Yeah, I’ve daydreamed about that once or twice. Think of it as just a random curiosity. After all, our lives are shaped by our perspective on our day-to-day life.

Dylan and Rebecca in In Your Eyes experience just that. Seeing each others lives through each others eyes. Every sense and feeling, but not quite every thought. It’s an interesting concept; to literally be in someone else’s life. Continue Reading

Top 10 Actors/Actresses I’d See in Just about Anything

A little while ago Kristin over at All Eyes On Screen posted her Top 10 Actors/Actresses She’d See in Just About Anything, and it’s now a blogathon. As is the way of blogathons, the batons been passed on to me.

First, let’s see where this blogathon has been before:

1. Abbi at Where the Wild Things are
2. Fernando at Committed to Celluloid
3. Kristin at All Eyes On Screen

I would like to pass it on to Nostra, over at My Filmviews.

And now onto my Top 10 Actors/Actresses I’d See in Just About Anything. There appears to be a bit of gender bias going on in my list. I have always found it hard to think of actresses off the top of my head that I genuinely enjoy watching in films. Don’t ask me why. So, just to let you know, I’m not being sexist – just useless! Continue Reading

10 for 30: Broadway Danny Rose

Broadway Danny Rose

Many moons ago I decided to do a blog series for this year, watching and reviewing films that are also turning 30 years old today.

Here’s a few words on the second film in this blog series – Broadway Danny Rose.

Broadway Danny Rose is the story of Danny Rose, small time agent in New York who’d represent pretty much anyone. Danny Rose is played by Woody Allen, himself. The comedy ensues when Danny has to deliver Lou, one of his clients – a lounge singer, his mistress to one of his biggest shows. Continue Reading