Project 365: April
Project 365

Project 365: 2015 – April Recap

It feels like barely anything has really happened this month. Looking back at my photos though I can see there was the X-Fighters Jams, an epic grilled cheese and margarita night, saying goodbye to Justified, the Bahrain GP, finally visiting the National Museum, a visit from my brother and launching a new blog. So anything but dull.

And that’s exactly one of the reasons why I’m doing my second Project 365 in a row – I can look back at the photos and have a reminder of exactly what’s been going on. Continue Reading


Say hello to BHBh

There’s a new blog in town. Not satisfied with just running this place, I’d like to introduce you to…

Brutally Honest Bahrain

A food review blog co-run between myself and A where we’ll be reviewing as many of the places we go out to eat here in Bahrain.

While there are quite a few Bahrain food blogs out here already, there’s a whole about page filled in with why we’ve started this blog.

Really excited to get this blog going. It’s going to be challenging but worth it.

Bahrain GP
Going Out

Out in Bahrain: Bahrain GP

Before the heat really sets in, it feels like all of Bahrain is trying to get in as much outdoor activity as possible. A few weeks ago there was the Redbull X-Fighters Jams and just last weekend it was the pretty damn epic Formula 1.

I hold my hands up. I’m not what you’d call an F1 fan. I enjoy watching some motor sports. Especially anything to do with rally driving. I watch(ed) Top Gear. And not for the stars in the reasonably priced cars – that’s usually the bit I’m most likely to fast forward through. So even though I’m not an F1 follower it’d be stupid of me not to go to the Bahrain GP right here in Bahrain. Continue Reading


The genius of the curated newsletter

Curated newsletters - let the news come to you

Recently I’ve discovered the joys of curated newsletters. Working in email marketing a big part of my job is market research – keeping tabs on what the rest of the email marketing world is doing in terms of design, content and generally everything.

Curated newsletters are these awesome regular newsletters that you can sign up to that’ll give you bite size chunks of information of whatever you’ve signed up for. Whether it’s entertainment, news, science – there’s a curated newsletter for you.

I wanted to share with you a few of my favourite curated newsletters that, I feel, give me a good overview of what’s going on in the world. Being in Bahrain, I rarely watch any news and reddit’s not always the perfect source to get all my info. (Even though it’s much more fun reading news and seeing GIFs of animals being jerks.) Continue Reading

Red Bull X-Fighters Jams
Going Out

Out in Bahrain: Red Bull X-Fighters Jams

Too many times I’ve caught myself saying, there’s never anything to do in Bahrain. There’s never anything on. In my defence, coming from London, that’s sort of true. But, feels like things are changing in Bahrain.

Take this for example – for the first time ever, the Red Bull X-Fighters came to Bahrain for a couple of nights. Now we almost didn’t make this, due to an epic dust storm that took over the entire island. Though, thankfully due to said dust storm, the night these guys were performing was pushed back, and we could make it!

Never have I seen any of this sort of stuff live. Casually perused events if they’re on TV or watched a few YouTube videos, so I’m not what you’d call a fan. Though I think it’s fucking amazing what these guys do. And when’s the next time I’m going to be able to see some guy do a superman in the air while riding a bike? Continue Reading