The Things I Miss Most About Winter

This is my first full winter out of England. And while it’s lovely waking up to sunny skies every day. Being able to go out without having to wrap up. Or wondering if it’ll rain and do I need a brolly. I’m finding there are a few things I miss about winter. Who’d have thunk it? Didn’t I complain about winter all the time in England? Continue reading The Things I Miss Most About Winter

Film Review: The Interview aka Why did I watch that?

The Interview

There is absolutely no need for me to go into any of the details into the media frenzy that was going due to the film, The Interview. You’re all educated and well read enough to have heard about the hoo-haa surrounding that film.

Whether you believe it to be orchestrated or not, The Interview is out. People have seen it in their droves both legally and illegally. And guess what? It is an utterly terrible film. On every level. Continue reading Film Review: The Interview aka Why did I watch that?

Feeling the need to simplify

Canny readers (And those who read on the blog rather than through an RSS reader.) might have been super aware and noticed Time Well Spent has got a new look.

I felt like a bit of a change here – make things easier for the reader. So I opted for the default WordPress theme – Twenty Fifteen. Truthfully, I’ve been considering going default for a few months. Growing restless with the old theme by Elmastudio (Who makes fantastically beautiful themes and you should go buy from her.). Not that there was anything wrong with it, but sometimes you just feel like a change.

Why the default theme? Yes, there’s nothing outwardly special about it. The typography is something special though. It’s so damned easy to read! But what I really like about it is that it puts the focus squarely on the content. That’s going to be my challenge going forward. Making my content speak volumes, rather than the window dressing. The content being photos and whatever I choose to write about.

What could go wrong?

No Poo – 3 months on

Not long ago, I gave up on shampoo and conditioner and adopted the No Poo movement. Now three months later, I’ve had to go back to shampoo. Back with a heavy heart I might add.

The initial foray into No Poo was kind of exciting. Washing my hair with baking soda, followed by a rinse of diluted apple cider vinegar and having gorgeously clean hair was just a little bit thrilling. My hair was feeling clean, definitely got a lot more bounce, drying quicker and I was only having to wash my hair once a week. All around, it was going well.

Until a few weeks ago. My scalp was getting incredibly dry. Horribly dry. Disgustingly dry. That’s all the detail I really want to go into. Continue reading No Poo – 3 months on