Locke-d in for this car ride


“It’s not even a film”, he proclaims. “Nothing happens!”, he exclaims. Those are the words I heard when I fell out of my slumber after originally falling into it midway through Locke. Feeling guilty that I made him sit through the film while I nodded off half way through (Out of sheer tiredness and being far too comfy on the sofa.) I promised that I will sit myself through the film when I’m more awake.

And I’ve kept my promise. Though in all fairness, even though I did drop off part way through watching Locke, I had a feeling when I did get around to watching it in its entirety, I would actually enjoy it and like it very much. Continue Reading

Soundtrack Pick: Warrior

It has taken me an awfully long time to finally sit down and watch Warrior. I’ve had it in my possession for months, but it felt like the the kind of film I needed to be 100% awake for and devote my full attention to. (I have a bad habit of just nodding off if I’m tired when I’m watching a film.) For that reason, it just kept getting put off.

As well as being a great film it’s also got a solid score, by Mark Isham. While I do enjoy the whole album, it’s the opening track, Listen to the Beethoven that gives me those good goosebumps. Continue Reading

How’s life in Bahrain so far?

Bahrain So Far

Overdue is probably an understatement for how I feel about the topic in this post. On that imaginary blog to-do list for a while, but it’s been hard sitting down and writing. Not for any terrible reasons though!

I’ve been in Bahrain now for around four months. Four months since I up-sticks and moved a few thousand miles from the one home I’ve only ever known – England. And I don’t regret it for a moment. Continue Reading

Project 365: 2014 – September

Project 365: September

September. The month traditionally known for the end of summer and the start of autumn. Except in Bahrain where it’s October and still pretty damn hot outside!

The month itself has been business as usual with no major excitement. Honestly, these highlights are going to be a bit dull this month! Continue Reading

Film score pick: Mission: Impossible 2

The Mission: Impossible film franchise looks like it’s as unstoppable as the Fast & Furious franchise seeing as there’s a fifth one on the way soon.

Mission: Impossible II just happened to be on TV the other day over here. You could probably call this a guilty pleasure film of mine. As I’m quite happy just watching it whenever it’s on. Though, in all honesty, I’m don’t feel guilty that I do enjoy watching this film! Continue Reading