Photograph of the night sky lit up with stars

Respect to astrophotographers

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I downloaded the app. I watched the app’s tutorial videos. I checked the weather. I watched some videos and read some tutorials about the how of astrophotography. I packed the right kit. And yet, I was still unprepared.

Taken in Cornville, Arizona, this was my first time—not just attempting astrophotography but also the first time in my life when I’ve seen so many stars in the night sky with my own eyes. Awe inspiring.

I spent a good hour out there. (I could have easily spent the entire night out there.) Trying different settings. Moving the tripod around to change the scene. My real first images were woeful. But they got better. This one is my best of the night, and I am quite proud of it. Despite being able to see a lot of imperfections and room for improvement.

Here’s another favourite of mine from that night.

I just need to get out again and find some more dark skies to practice under. Can’t wait to take another stab at some astrophotography.

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