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Here a camel, there a camel, everywhere a camel, at the camel farm

Royal Camel Farm

Royal Camel Farm

Royal Camel Farm

Royal Camel Farm

Royal Camel Farm

Royal Camel Farm

There’s this romantic view people have of camels roaming the deserts of the Middle East. They don’t roam the desert, but do occupy a farm in Bahrain. Real romantic.

The Royal Camel Farm in Janabiyah is one of the many free to visit tourist attractions in Bahrain. One that I actually thought was a rumour, until I visited it late last year. And then again earlier this year. I had to find something to do with my parents when they came.

It’s an unassumingly large complex. Camels everywhere—in paddocks or lounging around in the outside. With their legs chained up at the ankles. A sight that always leaves me a little conflicted.

What are the camels for? No idea. It could be for meat, milk, or just to show off. There’s no one around to ask questions of. Merely a pathway for you to enjoy walking amongst camels, while crossing your fingers that they don’t spit in your face.

There is some beautiful looking farmland just beyond the camels, all of which is privately owned I’m guessing by the same group of people who own the camels. Braved a little wander into the farmland before the English person inside me cried out, “Turnaround, you’ll get told off!”

Camel Farm

Camel Farm

I have to remind myself that I took these two photos in Bahrain.

PS. Yes, I’ve removed the ability to write comments on the blog. Trying to embrace writing for the sake of writing. But do reach out to me if you’ve got something to say. I love getting emails from people and not Amazon.

One month down—eleven more to go

The other day I said to Anish, “the photo-a-day 365 project’s going well so far. It’s not felt difficult and I haven’t missed a single day yet”. It’s only been a month.

But in the spirit of remembering to recognise and be proud of my own accomplishments I’m giving myself a high-five for getting through the first month, while remaining motivated to see this thing through. Read more

Favourite Moments of 2016

The idea for this post started out as a “favourite photos of the year.” A post where I share my favourite photos that I’ve taken in the last year. The ones that I think are “the best”. But that felt a little boring. And in an effort to be more of a person here, I thought sharing my favourite moments would give you a bit more insight into me. It gave me an excuse to go through all my photos and to be reminded of how amazing this year has been.

It has been an amazing year and I’m grateful for every single up and down this year has offered me.

On with the photos! FYI there are a lot of them, so it may take a few seconds to load. Read more

A short boat ride to Bu Maher Fort

Bu Maher Fort

I’ve been patiently waiting for the weather to cool down enough to where I can be outside comfortably during the day, for an extended period of time, without having a river of sweat streaming down my back. Almost there.

Regardless, last weekend I took a short boat ride with a couple of friends to Bu Maher Fort. Built in 1840, Bu Maher Fort is the first stop along the historical pearling path that Bahrain as known for. A path that flows through Muharraq, that one day I’ll follow along. Read more

Feeling like a tomb raider at My Son

My Son Ruins

The afternoon spent at My Son was one of the highlights of the entire trip to Vietnam. Not just the type spent at My Son, but also the time spent on the journey to and from there.

The My Son ruins (or Cham Ruins) are a cluster of ruined and abandoned Hindu temples, built between the 4th and the 14th century AD by the kings of Champa. Think of them as Vietnam’s own Angkor Wat. One of the eight UNESCO World Heritage sites in Vietnam. And I felt like Lara Croft and Indiana Jones walking around them. Read more