So you’re thinking about doing a Project 365


2014 marks the first year I’ve successfully completed a Project 365 since 2010. It’s not been a perfect Project 365. Counting up all the photos, there definitely aren’t 365 photos there. But that doesn’t make me feel like I’ve accomplished anything less.

The idea of capturing a photo every single day, for a whole year can feel a little daunting. And that feeling grows as each week goes by. But, if you’re up for doing a Project 365 in 2015, I wanted to share a few insights that I learnt over the course of this past year.

Project 365: 2014 – November

Project 365

Project 365: November

It’s been a quiet November here at the blog and for me personally. A combination of nothing at all happening and then everything happening at once.

For the first couple of weeks I was waiting for the man to come back from his work trip to the States, where he had been for just about a month. So that waiting part can definitely be classified as the quiet part of the month. A few days after his return my folks came over for their first ever visit to Bahrain. And that’ll be the everything happening at once part of November.

Project 365: 2014 – August

Project 365

Project 365: August 2014

August is going to whizz by. I can just feel it.
Jaina (July 2014)

Do you ever have those months that are pretty jam-packed and busy, that you forget just how much you did in the month? Last month, in August, the OH and I were just “reminiscing” about when we moved into our new place, after we got back from our holiday to Belgium. “Reminiscing” because it was only 2 weeks before that we actually moved!

Time has flown by and it feels like a lot has been accomplished in August. A very good feeling.

Project 365: 2014 – July

Project 365

Project 365: July 2014

July – the month of my birth and my favourite month of the year. Though not because of the birthday. Personally, not a fan of birthdays. While I make every mental effort to think of them as any other day, I usually fail at that. So, it was nice that this year, my 30th was a nice, chilled and overall good day. Scary part of July done!

Why is July my favourite month? I adore summer. July for me equals summer. When it’s lovely and warm outside and you don’t have to wrap up going out. Days are long. Barbecues. Sitting in the park. Of course all of that has changed now that I’ve moved to Bahrain!

As for the rest of the month – it’s been fairly quiet. Except for the whole looking for a new place to live followed by the eventual moving at the end of the month.