Project 365: 2014 – The half way mark

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Project 365

Can you believe we’re, pretty much, half way through 2014 already? Unbelievable. The year has flown by. Despite the laws of physics telling me that no such thing can actually happen.

Thought it was a good time to stop and take a look back at my 365 project so far this year.

It’s been going pretty well. Still going, so that’s something. A fair few days missing here and there. Nothing I can do about that though.

I wanted to share some of my favourite photos I’ve taken so far. Some for how the photos have turned out and some because of the memories. Looking back over my 365 reminds me why I’m doing it.

You can view all the photos I’ve taken so far right here

This latter half of the year is going to be a 365 project in a whole other country. Exciting times.


  1. Yeah, it’s hard to believe that we’re already halfway through the year. Where does the time go, huh? Anyways, some nice pics here, Jaina. And I like your dog, lol. 😛

  2. I find reading on the kindle a lot harder than reading a book in paper format simply because I get distracted by so many other things lol! Those photos are stunning, and I cannot wait to see what else you have planned.

    • See, I’ve got one of the older Kindles with the e-ink, it’s not a screen at all, more like traditional paper, so it is fantastic to read on. And it’s all you can do with it!

  3. Love the ones in the subway and the repeating pattern on that city building. The winter sunset is also really lovely. I can’t believe the year is half over either!

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