Project 365: 2014 – May

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Project 365

Project 365: May 2014

Hello May! And goodbye. May has been an epic month for me. That’s putting it mildly I guess. A lot of the month was spent prepping for my big move to Bahrain. And then, I was here!

Feeling very glad that I decided to do a 365 this year. It’s helped document some big changes in my life. Though, I don’t think you’d be able to tell by some of the photos I’ve taken. Woops.

Going to try my best to take more photos of the world around me. The slightly newer world. And the people. Hopefully. It’s all good and well saying and planning that, but sometimes the execution is lacking somewhat. I can but try, right?

Upon doing my monthly review for May’s 365 photos, I realised I have totally ballsed up my day numbering throughout the year so far. So the perfectionist in me is wanting to go back and redo all the numbers. The saner side of me is saying, let it be! Should I?


  1. I’ve also decided to join the dark side 😉 Have ordered it, now waiting for it to be delivered. So how big was the change? Did it take you long to adjust to Mac OS?

    • It’s a fairly significant change. Though I’ve used Macs on and off for work. So I’m a bit familiar with it already. A few programs I highly recommend you download:

      1. Better Touch Tool
      2. Alfred
      3. F.lux
      4. Caffeine

      They are absolute necessities for me now.

      It was Windows 8. Knowing that if I ever bought a new PC, I would almost have to use Windows 8 and that killed it for me!

      • Received it yesterday and like you say it is a significant change. Have not worked with Macs previously I did immediately had to google some things, but I must say that I quite like it. Like you I was not fond of Windows 8 (simply do not like the look of it), so if I had to relearn something it might as well be OSX, plus the hardware looks, feels and works awesome.

        Thanks for those tips, will be checking out those apps. The F.lux one is interesting…will see if that wouldn’t annoy me when the colors change….

        • Yeah, simple shortcuts are completely different. I still sometimes try and do CTRL-C and V for copy and paste!

          I have to admit, I am impressed with the hardware. It doesn’t struggle. I never shut down, just close the lid. The screen is epic. Really enjoy using it so far.

          f.lux takes a while getting used to, but you can change the colour settings on it, which is handy. If you’re on a computer a lot, it’s meant to be pretty good for your eyes.

  2. I’d leave the numbering :). And it’s awesome that your new workstation has liquor all above it. I see where your priorities are :). Love the photo in the subway!

    • Ha, yeah, I’m thinking the numbering is not as important as I think it is!

      That is our bar! I’ve helped build it, I’m proud to say 🙂

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