120+ movies: 28 weeks later

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120+ Movies of 2011, Annual Movie Challenge

Hmm, it looks like I might actually at least be able to get to the 100 film mark for the year! WOO!

28 Weeks Later28 Weeks Later (09/12/11)

Six months after the rage virus was inflicted on the population of Great Britain, the US Army helps to secure a small area of London for the survivors to repopulate and start again. But not everything goes to plan.

I’ve not seen 28 Days Later. I know, I know. I need to watch it. I’ll get round to it soon! I know 28 weeks later is an almost completely different film to days later. For the most part I enjoyed it. Zombies – tick. Terror – tick. London looking like a ghost town – tick. The pacing was good – the film never felt like it dragged. Skipped along really nicely.

One major thing that irked me was the shaky cam. I do like a bit of shaky cam. I loved it in the Bourne films and the new Bond films. But here, it just felt a little too much. Too frenetic. I can understand that that’s what they wanted out of the scenes with the shaky cam, but a little less please!

I didn’t really understand the whole Robert Carlyle’s infected character being the villain of the piece. I didn’t expect a few of the deaths, but in a good way. A zombie film isn’t a zombie film without some actual stakes.

Enjoyed the film, some good creepy scenes and the infected were a little bit terrifying.
Rating: 3/5

Read on to see the entire list of movies seen this year so far:

95 Movies so far this Year

  1. The Horse Whisperer 3/5 (01/01/11)
  2. The Informant! 3/5 (09/01/11)
  3. The Fighter 4/5 (11/01/11)
  4. 127 Hours 5/5 (14/01/11)
  5. The Wolfman 3/5 (15/01/11)
  6. Believe: The Eddie Izzard Story 4/5 (16/01/11)
  7. The King’s Speech 5/5 (19/01/11)
  8. The Town 4/5 (20/01/11)
  9. Ninja Assassin 2/5 (24/01/11)
  10. He’s Just Not That Into You 1/5 (25/01/11)
  11. Imagine That 1/5 (27/01/11)
  12. Gentlemen Broncos 2/5 (04/02/11)
  13. Hachi: A Dog’s Tale 4/5 (06/02/11)
  14. Daybreakers 3/5 (12/02/11)
  15. The Book of Eli 2/5 (13/02/11)
  16. True Grit 4/5 (15/02/11)
  17. Red 1/5 (19/02/11)
  18. Invictus 3/5 (20/02/11)
  19. Coraline 2/5 (28/02/11)
  20. Juno 3/5 (02/03/11)
  21. Monsters vs. Aliens 1/5 (06/03/11)
  22. Jennifer’s Body 2/5 (06/03/11)
  23. Rango 4/5 (09/03/11)
  24. The Crazies 4/5 (11/03/11)
  25. Lakeview Terrace 1/5 (12/03/11)
  26. Battle: Los Angeles 3/5 (13/03/11)
  27. Submarine 4/5 (14/03/11)
  28. The Adjustment Bureau 2/5 (16/03/11)
  29. Percy Jackson & The Lightning Thief 2/5 (18/03/11)
  30. The Happening 1/5 (19/03/11)
  31. Sucker Punch 2/5 (02/04/11)
  32. Carriers 1/5 (03/04/11)
  33. Source Code 4/5 (06/04/11)
  34. 3:10 to Yuma 3/5 (09/04/11)
  35. Walking Tall 1/5 (12/04/11)
  36. Your Highness 3/5 (13/04/11)
  37. El Mariachi 3/5 (14/03/11)
  38. From Paris With Love 3/5 (15/04/11)
  39. Scream 4 3/5 (16/04/11)
  40. Hot Tub Time Machine 2/5 (17/04/11)
  41. Attack the Block 4/5 (20/04/11)
  42. The International 2/5 (23/04/11)
  43. Thor 5/5 (25/04/11)
  44. Fast & Furious 5: Rio Heist 5/5 (28/04/11)
  45. A Beautiful Mind 4/5 (06/05/11)
  46. Extract 2/5 (05/05/11)
  47. Hanna 4/5 (06/05/11)
  48. Catfish 3/5 (07/05/11)
  49. Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides 2/5 (20/05/11)
  50. The Hangover Part II 3/5 (27/05/11)
  51. How to Train Your Dragon 4/5 (28/05/11)
  52. Zodiac 4/5 (28/05/11)
  53. Up in the Air 5/5 (30/05/11)
  54. X-Men: First Class 4/5 (01/06/11)
  55. Electra Luxx 3/5 (04/06/11)
  56. The Usual Suspects 5/5 (05/06/11)
  57. Senna 5/5 (10/06/11)
  58. The Human Centipede 1/5 (10/06/11)
  59. Green Lantern 2/5 (17/06/11)
  60. Paul 3/5 (18/06/11)
  61. Transformers: Dark of the Moon 4/5 (29/06/11)
  62. Predators 2/5 (30/07/11)
  63. Captain America: The First Avenger 3/5 (31/07/11)
  64. Super 8 5/5 (11/08/11)
  65. The Secret in Their Eyes 5/5 (13/08/11)
  66. [Rec] 2 3/5 (14/08/11)
  67. Rise of the Planet of the Apes 4/5 (16/08/11)
  68. Cowboys & Aliens 4/5 (18/08/11)
  69. Final Destination 5 4/5 (19/08/11)
  70. Micmacs 3/5 (21/08/11)
  71. Conan the Barbarian 3/5 (27/08/11)
  72. Legion 1/5 (27/08/11)
  73. Limitless 3/5 (29/08/11)
  74. Apollo 18 1/5 (02/09/11)
  75. The Warriors 4/5 (04/09/11)
  76. Ondine 3/5 (07/09/11)
  77. TrollHunter 5/5 (09/09/11)
  78. Burke & Hare 2/5 (16/09/11)
  79. Jackass 3 3/5 (16/09/11)
  80. Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy 5/5 (23/09/11)
  81. Drive 4/5 (28/09/11)
  82. Don’t be Afraid of the Dark 4/5 (12/10/11)
  83. Paranormal Activity 3 3/5 (21/10/11)
  84. I Am Number Four 3/5 (23/10/11)
  85. Contagion 3/5 (25/10/11)
  86. The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn 4/5 (27/10/11)
  87. The Thing 4/5 (29/10/11)
  88. The Ides of March 5/5 (01/11/11)
  89. In Time 3/5 (02/11/11)
  90. The Rum Diary 2/5 (11/11/11)
  91. Easy A 4/5 (26/11/11)
  92. Winter’s Bone 3/5 (27/11/11)
  93. 50/50 5/5 (30/11/11)
  94. The Thing 3/5 (07/12/11)
  95. 28 Weeks Later 3/5 (09/12/11)


  1. You haven’t seen 28 Days Later? I didn’t much care for the sequel. I’m a fan of Robert Carlyle and I remember that being one thing I found in favour of 28 Weeks Later, but overall it felt like a pale imitation of the first one. But yay Zombies! I do love a good Zombie flick, or even a bad one (Yes, Resident Evil, I’m looking at you).

    (Oh, and um… cough*annie*cough)

    • I tend to have a soft spot for zombie films too. Zombies in general! Though The Walking Dead has given me a bit of a bitter taste when it comes to the undead genre.

      Annie… annie who? 😉

      • The Walking Dead… yeah. I’ll admit that I love that show but season 2 has been a rocky road that tested my patience one too many times. Far too slow in my opinion. But then it’ll throw out an occasional scene that just blows me away and I find myself forgiving its faults.

        Annie who? I’m gonna forget you just said that.

        • Forget to remember another day? eh?

          The whole “find the girl” schtick of season 2 was just so MEH! I’m glad that’s now sorted, just got so bored of it. And many more other things. I wonder why I’m still watching!

  2. I haven’t seen it, either. I know I’m supposed to, it’s required viewing for those of us in the Horror fandom, but I just can’t force myself. Zombie films have become more or less the same, and I dread it every time a new one comes out – especially in the US, UK or Canada. I know it’s anti-patriotic or something, but I don’t think the US has a good horror film in them anymore, lol.

    • I think the last good zombie film out of America was Zombieland. LOVE it. Everything about it, just love it. I’ve been watching and still watch The Walking Dead, but SO disappointed with it.

      I think the last good zombie film I saw was Spanish – REC. I really enjoyed it. It’s got a nice bit of a twist. Though, surprise surprise… there’s an American remake which just messes it all up!

      • I really like The Walking Dead, but they promised way more walking dead than they delivered, lol. Bit tired of hearing about Rick’s great-white-hope feelings – nobody likes a Mary Sue, Rick!

        I loved Zombieland! And yes Spain is really neck and neck with Asia and Sweden in producing good horror right now. REC was fab! I checked it out on Netflix streaming but was cut off about 20 minutes in. It wasn’t there long so I couldn’t watch it a the rest and am going to have to have them send the DVD, lol. Sweden’s vampires are better than ours, and Låt den rätte komma in is a great example of that. The last good American vampire flick I saw, I think, was probably The Wisdom of Crocodiles but it’s not a true horror an in that sense a bit disappointing.

        • Am a bit tired of a lot of the characters! Well, glad they have now given Shane a backbone!

          I’m going to need to check out that Swedish film I think, those Scandinavians have some good films! Have you seen Trollhunter?

          • I’ve been meaning to see it, the poster on Netflix looks awesome! The remade Låt den rätte komma in and named it Let Me In, I haven’t seen it yet because I’m scared it’ll suck like every other US remake and I’ll end up on a rooftop with a gun, phoning my demands to a hovering helicopter, lol.

            I’m a bit tired of a lot of The Walking Dead characters, too. I don’t know about you, but I signed up for zombies, not a soap opera. I don’t think Norman Reedus gets nearly enough screen time, and they spend way too much time on that psycho blond lady lol.

            • I wanted to watch the Swedish version Let Me In before the remake but never got round to it! Though, the remake is actually really good. Though from what I’m told, it’s pretty much a frame for frame remake.

              Walking Dead soap opera is just a bit much. And it’s not even an interesting soap opera!

              • If they were going to do a shot-for-shot remake (and the trailer really suggests that they did), why not just slap subtitles up on the original and release it here like they did with Death Note? That always bugs me!

                • I don’t understand shot for shot remakes. There’s an American remake of REC (which I watched and was not happy with), that’s a shot for shot remake though they f**k up the ending!

                  • At least shot-for-shots are better than when they ‘fix’ them for US audiences – like One Missed Call, which ended up being the worst horror film I think I’ve ever seen.

  3. I love the opening sequence for this. It was incredibly thrilling. Sadly, it’s all downhill from there ah 😀 Definitely do check out 28 Days Later, it’s different from this and maybe you will like better.

    • I thought the scene where they burnt up the Docklands in London was amazing. Just seeing the fire course through the streets. Good work! Though yeah, just a by the numbers sort of film with some annoying kids!

  4. You have to see 28 Days Later to see my Dad’s track!

    And also, it is way better than the second.

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