2012 photo project – now with some new themes!

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2012 Photography Project, Photo Challenges

My little photo project for next year’s shaping up well so far. Happy to have a few more themes lined up thanks to some nice people giving me some ideas.

Here’s an updated run down of the monthly themes I’ve set myself so far. Like I said before, if you fancy joining in please do! Let me know if you’d like me to list you here too.

  1. January: Alphabet Soup (With Mui)
  2. February: Rainbow. 4 weeks, 1 photo per day, each week a different colour theme. I’ve chosen red, yellow, green, blue.
  3. March: Time. Photo taken in the same place at different times of the day on different days throughout the month. Haven’t figured out timings, maybe 3 times per week?

Ok, it’s only the first three months filled in, but I’m getting there. I’m tempted to maybe do a month of self portraits, but I hate taking my own photo. That could certainly make it challenging!

I’m going to fit in another Alphabet Soup type of them, but spend a month photographing things in alphabetical order. Somewhere later in the year. Also, I might slip in another 30 days of black and white shots. Just because I like doing them.

Hopefully by the end of the year I’ll fill in a couple more months.


  1. Would definitely be interested in joining in for March, and also in doing a 30 days of black and white.

  2. Hi Jaina

    Here’s another suggestion. How about taking photos using a fixed focal length, for example, 50mm? I have done this in the past, and not being able to zoom in and out really motivated me to move my own body to find the best viewpoint.


    • I was thinking about doing that but right now my default lens on my camera is my 35mm! I rarely use anything but that. But I’m thinking, I might do a theme with a fixed aperture value with that lens. Maybe.

      Or maybe I should do month of using my zoom lens, which I hate using.

  3. […] challenge is done and moving straight on to March. I’ve loosely called this Time. Previously I had planned on only taking a photo in the same place at different times of the day a couple of […]

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