March’s Time

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2012 Photography Project

February’s challenge is done and moving straight on to March. I’ve loosely called this Time. Previously I had planned on only taking a photo in the same place at different times of the day a couple of times in the week, but instead I’m going to do it every day. At as many different times as possible.

I’m basing it on a photo I took a couple of years ago for my 2010 365 project:

Let the sun go down over me

I’m hoping to get lots of different and nice looking reflections. Just my luck, I bet most of the month will be rainy and dull and horrible. Ah well, here I go!


    • Thanks T! I think I was right though about March being a bit of a bust – just rain and clouds!

  1. Love this pic – and I think it is because it is quite simply yet so captivating. My problem is never knowing where to find a great pic even when it is staring me in the face. I like the composition of this one, the reflection and the colours as well as the out of focus street lights in the background.

    • It takes a little bit of practice and just going out and snapping like mad sometimes. I like taking photos of the every day and mundane and try and find a little beauty in it. Mostly because that’s all I’ve got to take photos of!

      • …I know what you mean about having the sort of mundane things at hand. But when you can make them interesting that is a real skill. What infuriates me is when I go out walking and have a stunning mountain view in front of me – I take the picture and for some reason it does not capture the beauty I see before my eyes. Practice I guess.

        …by the way, I’ve included you in my 7×7 Link Award meme:

        • I have huge problems with landscapes. I can never really capture what my eye sees. I just put that down to my brain being better than my camera 😉 Practice is a huge part of it and like anything creative, you’ll never stop learning.

          Dan I am pretty damn floored you mentioned me in that meme! Thank you SO much!

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