February’s Rainbow Challenge – Mellow Yellow

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2012 Photography Project

Yellow has proved a bit more taxing than red. I’m not a huge fan of yellow. I don’t have a lot of yellow. And it’s winter. Winter is not a good time to go out and find yellow. I’m beginning to wonder whether this season was the best season for a rainbow challenge!

Anywho, here are my yellows!

Yellow pot of winter relief

Cody is a fan of delicious flavour

(I count orange as a shade of yellow…)

Losing your head

Yellow rubber ducky


You've got me pegged

Bring on the greens. I feel a bit more confidant about green. Though, there might be a lot of plants…


  1. Lego Heads were my fav. I am however so sick of steping ont those damn legos. My boy has them spread all over the damn house and decapitation is one of his favorite past times. Once again awesome looking pics Jaina

    • I remember when I was little and I shared a room with my brother, who was mad for Lego, I used to have bricks embedded in my feet. I feel your pain!

  2. Yellow’s tough to tackle this time of year. I like the clothes pin and the oranges. And I love how your dog makes it into a lot of your photos. Too cute.

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