Finally getting all the facts

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So I got some good news from the consultant this week about the surgery on my wrist.

You know before I was told that I was having a repair made in a torn cartilage. Well, in fact, there wasn’t a tear there. I was diagnosed with a wrist synovitis. Meaning? The joint at my wrist was swollen and had a lot of fluid in it. It just hadn’t healed properly since it was initially all injured.

It was really interesting actually. I was shown photos, which were taken during the surgery, of the inside of my wrist and the joint. I know some of you reading this are probably pulling faces, but how many people can say they’ve seen the inside of their joints. I am such a geek.

All in all, this means that my woes with my wrist should be over. It’s still stiff and won’t be 100% for a while. Just happy that it is definitely getting there. Also just wish I could have been told this after my surgery. Rather than being told two weeks after it! I’ve been oblivious this whole time!


  1. Great news Jaina. Sometimes I’m surprised about the time it takes before some things are made clear by doctors or the time it takes to get some results back. Always get the feeling that it’s a profession where customer service could be improved a lot!

    • Yes! I’m grateful for our health service, but would it have killed them to tell me what they do when I woke up from surgery?!

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