Talking yourself out of a tip

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The other day me, the mum and the dad all treated ourselves to a very lovely dinner at Mussiene, a rather nice local restaurant. Very nice. A lot posher than the usual local restaurants around here. They have an amuse bouche course!

Don’t know whether this is a ‘sadly’ or ‘luckily’ but either way, we had the restaurant to ourselves. It’s the off-season here so there aren’t many tourists. And like so many countries across Europe right now, the economy’s not doing so well, so people just aren’t spending money.

Back to the restaurant. Here the three of us are having a lovely dinner. We’ve just finished our rather decadent deserts and been given a locally made after dinner liquor. The sole waiter who was working there had been quite chatty and nice and helpful for the entire evening. Not too intrusive. Towards the end of the meal he gets a bit more chatty. He gives us the bill and we’re still having our enjoyable small talk. Sadly the waiter was being so friendly and talkative that we just plain forgot to leave a tip at the end of the meal!

Next time Mr. Nice Waiter, give us a couple of minutes after we’ve paid the bill and we’ll remember to tip! And maybe not ply us with quite such a strong after dinner drink.


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