The weekend that got away

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When are they going to make it a three-day weekend? Serious question. Two days are not nearly enough to get anything done.

Clearly you spend a day just ‘getting things done’ that need to get done. You know, the boring stuff – house work, gardening, cleaning. The necessities. Another day you spend doing something you want to do. Then we need that third day to spend just relaxing and getting over the last two days. Am I right?

Needless to say, this weekend has whizzed by much like my last weekend. Though sadly, it whizzed by for the other reason weekends whizz by. I spent a good chunk of it working and doing the aforementioned – ‘getting things done’.

Let’s have a quick run down…

Friday and the Weekend Begins

Killer JoeFriday night I thought I’d make the most of my evening and cram everything I could possibly get done that I needed/wanted to get done. Including my only trip to the cinema for the week to see Killer Joe. (Whose review will pop up here shortly.) In short. Good. But disturbing. (Guess what I had for dinner on Friday night? KFC. I must have been mad!)

Saturday and the weekend gets productive

Being productive

Saturday was my working day. The afternoon of which was considerably more fun though. I was helping out fellow blogger, Dan from Fogs’ Movie Reviews spruce up his blog. Oh yes, that’s my kind of fun.

An evening out for a birthday dinner with friends and that was Saturday gone. Well before it was gone I had thought of putting a film on before I went to bed. Thinking, I’ll have a sit down then find something to watch. My sit down lasted considerably longer and include a nap. By which time it was most definitely past my bedtime.

Sunday and the weekend… is nearly gone!

Sunday was the day where I ‘got things done’. Started in the garden with the bi-weekly mowing of the lawn and lots of random bits of gardening I needed to get done. I don’t mind gardening really. It’s not sitting in front of the TV or laptop, so that’s always a good thing. It’s outside in the fresh air, so another point for it. I’d have happily spent the day cleaning up my garden, in preparation for my annual BBQ, but I still had a mountain of things to do!

I would have liked nothing better than to collapse on the sofa and just watch a film, but I was determined to get more stuff done. See, I’ve finally got my repaired laptop back and I have a newly acquired NAS box. So I was excited to get everything loaded up.

Have I mentioned than my laptop is now rocking 8GB of memory and a slick solid state drive? Oh yes… it flies! Beyond happy. Now, just desperate to get it loaded up so I can start using it and not struggle with my old laptop which currently takes longer to wake up in the morning than I do.

Though while sitting getting my tech sorted I did have Fast Five (Yes, I love this film.) followed by Jaws 2 (It’s been years since I last saw this.) in the background. I had no idea Jaws 2 was only rated PG! Colour me shocked.

Most importantly, booked my ticket to go and see The Amazing Spider-Man on Tuesday night. Oh yes! Had to make sure that gone done.

Then Sunday was over. A productive weekend, but ultimately, beyond tiring.

How was all of your weekends? Tell me someone did some couch potato-ing for the time I didn’t get to.


  1. It wasn’t YOUR birthday Saturday, was it? I’m gonna feel like a jerk if I made you work on your birthday, LOL

  2. I have been complaining about the 2 day weekend since before I got my first job. What moron came up with the bright idea to work 5 days and take 2 off!!!!

  3. Well, that’s the reason I started working parttime a couple of years ago…it allows you an extra day each week to have fun. Wouldn’t want to go back to working full time 😉

    As for my weekend, it was great. My daughter turned one yesterday and we spent a lot of time arranging everything (and some last minute shopping), but it wasn’t hectic and everything went extremely smooth. She really enjoyed it (as far as we could tell :)).

    Looked at the redesign you did, looks fresh..still have to get used to it though.

    • It’s my dream to not work full time! I both envy and look up to you!

      Aww, Happy Belated birthday to your daughter! 1 year – big birthday! Bet you’ll have loads of memories to cherish 🙂

  4. I don’t know why but it reminds me of a humourous saying: Wednesdays are the worst days. They get in the way of weekends from both directions.

  5. Yes! I can confirm I couch-potatoed on your behalf!

    Saturday I got dressed and went to watch the local football team playing a team from Emmerdale and got caught in a thunderstorm, but Sunday and today have been pyjama only days! Jigsawing and watching TV. Mostly football and tennis on said TV.

  6. Sounds like a busy weekend! Looking forward to seeing what’s going down with the Fogs make over. I’m wedding planning to make up for the last 11 months of sticking my head in the sand!

    • It’s nearly the big day, isn’t it? Well, I think most brides these days don’t expect the groom to step in until nearer the day anyway 😉

  7. I hate when that happens, but it sounds like you got a lot done. I’m so lazy during my weekends, I wish I had the energy to go out and lay out on the beach.

    Anyway, I just saw Fog’s site and I must say…kudos, girl. I love it. You did such a great job. Maybe when I make bigger bucks, I’ll pay you to make my site awesome.

    I can’t wait for your movie review. I never heard of this movie.

    • “Go out and lay out on the beach”?? Care to swap! I have energy to do that. Man, I could set up an office on the beach. That would make my day!

      Thank you 🙂 You can certainly look me up when you want a site designed. I have a special friends & family rate! 😉

      The film’s flying pretty low below the radar. Looking forward to reading what other people have made of it.

  8. I totally hear you Jaina. Even on my rare days off, it feel likes I’m not getting any rest because there is so much to do and so little time! And I’m so tired from working 55 hours a week and also trying to run AM that I don’t feel like doing anything ahah

    • I think we in this world need designated rest days. I don’t know how you guys over the other side of the Atlantic do it – we at least have more holiday days. Though… I know nothing of that since going freelancing.

      Seriously though, Castor, are you a superhero? How on Earth do you keep AM going as well as everything else in life!?

  9. I know the feeling. It’s like a regular weekend for me, sometimes felt busier than weekdays. I’ve been juggling with blogging time myself. But the site you work on looks great.

    • Thanks, Andina 🙂

      Fitting blogging in is tricky, but I’ll always make time for it.

  10. Hey, that is pretty productive. I wouldn’t beat up on yourself too much! As you know from Twitter, I’m definitely regretting not buying my ticket for The Amazing Spider-man in advance. Lol, maybe I’ll try to show up and buy one today. There’s no way it could be as BIG as TDKR — which, by the way, I purchased my ticket for weeks ago!

    So you help out fellow bloggers with websites? I wish I knew more about websites. Sigh. I would love to do more custom work to my site, but between not having much free time and not having the knowledge, I haven’t really done much with mine. I love your site! Think it looks great.

    Here’s to weekends that don’t go by so fast!

    • I do help out, and if you ever need anyone, give me a bell! Whether it’s advice or anything, always happy to help out fellow bloggers.

      I only just purchased my TDKR ticket. They only went on sale yesterday. I was looking at the site thinking, nah… I’ll be fine. Then I saw the seats filling up! BUY BUY BUY!

  11. I always thought that we should decimalise the week! 6 days at work, 4 days off. Perhaps not everyone takes the same 4 days off, or the world may grind to a halt! 7 day weeks are simply irrelevant in an increasingly secular society, it’s time to drag the week into the 21st century!

    Erm, that was a bit of a serious comment. Sorry!

    • Serious is welcomed! Someone needs to be serious around here!

      I completely and utterly agree. What’s with us still using this god damn Gregorian calendar?

      (That is the one we’re using, right?)

  12. Mark is looking forward to discussing your NAS box at yours. He wants to bring his boxes round so they can “have a party”.

    He then RAN into the study to find his. He is such a dork.

    • This made me snort then laugh out loud. How many boxes does he have!?

      He can take a peek at mine at the BBQ!

          • I told him (but I pronounced Arrays like Harry without the H). He nodded with a wise look on his face.

            He’s upset he didn’t get asked for advice, but he’s accepted it and moved on I think.

            • I want to hear your pronunciation of arrays! I think it will amuse me.

              He’s accepted it and moved on far too quickly for my taste. Now I’m upset.

  13. 8 gb memory? Jesus, I have 1 gb and no wonder it works like shit 🙂 I have my holidays – finally – so the weekend is as every other day – getting up, playing with the dog, cooking, writing, commenting, watching movies…ah, glorious time 🙂

    • Ugh,.. can we swap? Even if it’s just for a month?!

      Yeah, 8GB memory. I need a zippy little thing for my work!

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