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RIP LaptopYou know, I was beyond excited about having my laptop back? Also, not having to deal with a laptop which takes at least half an hour to warm up. I was all sorts of excited about finally working on my refurbed laptop.

In the past couple of days, it’s all come crashing down. Crashing, in the literal sense.

Despite all my efforts, my laptop is, indeed, dead. Continuous blue screens of death. Makes me want to cry. The crying is more to do with the fact that I now have to shell out an awful lot of money for a zippy new machine. Which I was hoping I wouldn’t have to do for a good long while yet.

Sadly, for me, a quick machine is a sort of necessity. I need something I can actually get some work done on. Incredibly important for someone who’s trying to go freelance. You need the right equipment!

Good news is, my NAS box is working like a freaking charm. I love it. I can even stream things from it to my phone! BRILLS! That’s one bit of technology that is on my side then.

So, goodbye laptop. Before you go though, I’m going to have to take back that new solid state drive and memory I put in you. You’re just not working out for me anymore.


  1. Ah Jaina, that is truly sucky. It is horrid when your computer goes, especially as it is your work as well. I am not a fanboy by any means, but my MacBook has been rock solid since day one. I know you pay more, but you also gain reliability.

    I am glad the NAS is working out for you. I have had one for a good few years now and would not be without it EVER!!

    • I don’t think I can cope with Apple’s OS. I remember having to work on Macs at a couple of jobs and I got so frustrated. I’m a PC girl to the core. I’m not hip enough to have a MacBook!

      My NAS is changing my life!

  2. Oh no! Sounds like you’ll need to fork out for a new one. But when you work for yourself, you need a machine which just works. Probably good that it’s dying now, rather than in the middle of a tight deadline.

    • That is very true. Guess, I need to take my blessings where I find them.

      Don’t you hate unexpected expenditures?

  3. Hang in there, this isn’t anything big at least.

    Five years from now you’ll barely be like “oh yeah…” thinking back on it 😉

    • No, not the total end of the world. But it’s the unexpected big spending I’m having to do that’s the bit of the kicker. Especially as I don’t have a “regular” salary. Well, I did ask for it I guess!

  4. Jaina you can install Windows onto Macs. Though tbh you’ll get more bang for your buck if you go with a PC based laptop. Apple charges way over the odds for the hardware in the macbook pro’s.

    • I’ve put in an order for a Dell XPS15z. I know people talk smack about Dells, but my 10 year old Dell is still going now and it’s able to handle PS CS6 (just).

      I’d never buy a MacBook. Like the ability to upgrade my own hardware.

  5. Balls is right! I don’t know what I’d do if my laptop breaks down, which reminds me I need to back up my stuff soon.

  6. I hate computers. My regular one is apparantly fixed because only one part broke and when we replaced it started working again. I hate when laptops and computers crash it’s so frustrating, when you try to fix it on your own it’s like you are turning into brain surgeon or something because there is a good chance you will mess up things even more.
    I hope you won’t have any more issues once you get new one!

    • I’m a bit of a techie, so I can usually handle all the blahness. Well, when I can fix it. I’m luck to also have a brother who is a proper techie, so he’s been helping me out lots!

      If my new one goes the same way I know it’s me, not the tech!

  7. Oof. Sorry it’s giving you grief, Jaina. It’s never easy when a machine dies on you. I’m glad you had a spare computer, though.

  8. Jaina are you going to go Office Space on the offending machine, and then take some of your awesome looking pics of it?

  9. Sorry to hear about your computer issue, Jaina. I have been pretty lucky, my desktop is like 5 year old and still going strong (although it had to undergo minor surgery with a new power thingy). My super old laptop is still alive too although it must have collected massive amount of dust in its innards which is interfering with the wireless antenna.

    Oddly enough, my most recent computer (like 4 year old) is currently dead with a broken hard drive, I suspect.

    As for your dead computer, RIP.

    • You know what, I may sound like my grandfather, but I swear the god, they don’t make them like they used to. Like you, the laptop I’m using at the moment is well over 5 years old and while the screen might be going a bit dodgy, it’s still going strong.

      Whatever you do, don’t blow into the laptop filled with dust. I did that once. Dust. ALL OVER MY FACE!

  10. Booooo. My desktop PC appears to be on its last legs so I decided to use it to my advantage and bought a brand new all-in-one PC. One of the best purchases I have ever made. Love the huge 23″ screen, and it runs a lot faster than anything I have ever had.

    Just think about it this way — your new laptop can be a pretty nice tax write-off. Or, at least I am assuming you can do that in the U.K. Not entirely sure about your tax laws…?

    • Well, I’m counting it as a business expense. Which it definitely is. I need it to run my own business! Definitely doing that.

      All-in-one huh? Was actually tempted with one of those, but the need to be mobile, led me to just get another laptop. However am going to be getting an additional 24″ screen. Dual screen!

    • NAS – Networked Attached Storage – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Network-attached_storage

      Basically, a big hard drive that’s not attached to any single computer. Very useful. I can get to mine where I am through an app on my phone or any computer. Very useful! Like having my own personal cloud storage.

      Bought a new laptop. Should be arriving soon! Very excited.

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