New TV ain’t what it used to be

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It could be I’m getting old, more impatient and my attention span is shrinking. But I like to believe I’m finally understanding that I don’t have all the time in the world to devote to TV. I actually have a life outside of my living room! Shocking, I know.

So, not long ago I posted the new season’s TV I was most looking forward to. Among them, some new TV shows that had caught my eye.

Out of the six new TV shows that I was looking forward to I’ve found that I’m only sticking with two of them. And one of them is very much on the border of getting drop kicked out of my viewing schedule. Oh and I’ve not yet seen one yet – Arrow.

Shall I run you through my thoughts?

Last Resort

I had high-ish hopes for this one. It sounded intriguing. I’ve really loved Shawn Ryan’s other shows – Terriers and Chicago Hope. But this just fell very flat. The premise was ridiculous, which I can usually deal with. But this was just too much. It was trying to be a mix of 24 thrown in with some tropical island fun of Lost. Nothing about it was cohesive. Least of all the main plot of the show. I lasted 3 episodes before I called it quits.

666 Park Avenue

Now this one I’m sticking with. For the time being. Three episodes in and while it’s not exactly stellar TV entertainment, there’s something about it that’s keeping me entertained. It feels very much like a TV adaptation of The Devil’s Advocate. Very much like it. Except, I’m missing Al Pacino. I can imagine myself dropping this one fairly easily though.


Two episodes and I was done. AWFUL leading female character. That was my main reason to jump ship from this ugly bugger. It just felt completely over cooked. Listen, big American TV networks. I know you’re still looking for the next Lost. But have you ever considered that there might not be a next Lost? Just forget about it and move the fuck on! Stop trying so hard!!!


Yes, I’ve not seen the BBC’s Sherlock Holmes series. Stone me now. I’ll get around to it eventually. Meanwhile I gave Elementary a couple of episodes to wow me and, well, this is a tad complicated. While it didn’t wow me enough to make me stick with it. I did like Johnny Lee Miller’s Sherlock. Very much. But it was the show that annoyed me – it was all boiled down to a boring procedural show. Lord knows we need more of those, right?


LOVE this show. I can’t say how much I’m enjoying this show at the moment. It’s a great bit of spy thriller. Melissa George is fantastic as the leading lady, Sam. I believe that this girl can throw a punch and it’ll bloody well hurt. It’s a twisty bit of TV thriller and thoroughly enjoying it.

In conclusion, I like to think I’ve grown. I’m getting better at figuring out quickly which TV I enjoy and if I’m willing to give it that precious amount of time I have on my week nights. I’m growing up!!


  1. Heh. I can totally see where you’re coming from. I used to do that every year… basically I’d cast a wide net and watch almost everything that started up new, and then figure out which ones I’d stick with. I dont have time for that anymore now either (thanks, blogging!! grumble mumble rizzin frazzin…)

    Good to hear Melissa George’s show is worthy though. I think we’re all rooting for her. πŸ˜€

    • There is just so much crap out there at the moment. And even the stuff I’ve been a long time viewer of, I’m getting tired of.

      Putting it down to getting old and impatient!

  2. I haven’t seen any of those, but I will try to check Haunted today, glad this is the one you liked!

  3. I agree! TV ain’t what it used to be. There aren’t any shows out right now (other than Rick Steves: The Best of Europe -lol) that I watch regularly! I think I’m getting old and impatient ! πŸ™‚

    • Ha! I’m right there with you Keith. Especially when it comes to network TV. There’s so much bad out there!

  4. yep, there’s so much that launches and then bombs. This season I am watching a few that I am waiting to see take off, but I may be cutting the cord soon (such as “Arrow”, “Beauty and the Beast”, “Once Upon a Time season 2”, “American Horror Story” and “Happy Endings”

    I am enjoying the following though: “Dexter” “Revenge” “The Walking Dead”

    • I was wondering about Beauty and the Beast, but then remembered I hate Kristen Kreuk. OUAT season 2 has surprised me, but it’s still my trash TV I know I shouldn’t be watching because I have better things to be doing with my time! American Horror Story: Asylum’s been pretty good. Very good actually!

      Ahhh Dexter and Revenge are two shows I can’t not watch. SO GOOD! Have picked up The Walking Dead again. I skipped out on it halfway through season 2. Got BORED! Season 3 so far seems a bit better.

  5. Honestly, the amount of shows I watch has been declining year by year – currently at two – either because they finish or because something I was enjoying is cancelled after one season. TBH, there has been very little for the past few seasons that has caught my eye and screamed, “WATCH ME!”

    • Network TV is abysmal! I feel like I need to cut some more off my schedule just because it is just crap…

  6. Yeah, there’s not much I really even give a few episodes to… I learn what the premise is, and if it sounds interesting I give a chance, but most of it doesn’t. And a lot of what does, doesn’t wind up impressing me.

    I guess I’m getting to be a harder sell on television. Part of it’s just that I’m less willing to devote an hour every week to the same thing unless it’s really good.

    • Right there with you, Morgan. An hour a week is a long time to devote to TV for me these days! It has to be really worth it. And there’s just less of that these days.

  7. I haven’t been watching a whole lot of new TV shows. I do like “The Mindy Project”. I find Mindy Kaling to be super funny. Either than that…there is nothing else I’m all that interested in. I think this year has been a bad time for new TV shows.

    Maybe I’ll check out these shows you suggested.

    How are you liking Dexter and The Walking Dead? I’m loving it!

    • Dexter – loving this season. Love how the dynamic between Dexter and Deb is changing. Brilliant!

      I ducked out on the last half of Walking Dead last season – got bored. But was convinced into giving it another shot this season. So far, so good….

  8. Weird I did a similar post as this LAST week, did you see?

    I like 666 and elementary more than you I think… but hey ho.

    Revolution is bad, I was gonna give it more of a run but it has gone now from my weekly schedule.

    • I will go read now! I’ve been partially dead for the past week and a bit πŸ™

      666 Park Avenue is growing on me. I’m still watching, so that says something.

      Revolution was just woeful. Surprised it got a full season pick up.

  9. Glad to hear you like 666 and Hunted. I just read about them at Scott’s post! Both sound like the ones I’m most interested in catching.

  10. I am really loving Last Resort. Scott Speedman is bloody boring but everyone else in it is making up for it by being awesome. I turned 666 Park Avenue off about 15 mins in but I am not a fan of that genre so I wasn’t surprised. Revolution is dropped. Just boring. I felt pretty much the same as you about Elementary. It wasn’t bad, I am just not interested in taking on another procedural. Hunted was ok but I felt a bit meh about it and dropped more because of a lack of time than anything else.

    • Aww, Hunted got good. Very good.

      Has Last Resort got any better? It’s heading to Sky soon and wondering if I should give it a second shot. Hmmm..

  11. It’s so funny how opposite our tastes are. I watch everything with a hulu delay so I’m usually 2-3 episodes behind everything. But two episodes into Last Resort and I LOVE it. I love the way it’s written, I love how bold it is, how emotional. I really enjoy it.

    And even though I totally agree the female lead in Revolution is annoying at first, I forgave her long enough to see where Kripke was going with it. Because I trust him to do a road trip show well. And because I LOVE Billy Burke in this. He is so fantastic he kept me going and as the show has progressed into it’s 3rd and 4th episode it’s getting much stronger. Which, I figured would be the case with Kripke. I’m looking forward to the torturous sucker punch to the heart at this season’s end.

    Also, loving Arrow (two episodes in). Not sure if that’s a recommendation or a warning for you πŸ™‚

    • Billy Burke was almost enough to keep me watching Revolution. But I just couldn’t forgive the lead or some of the other decisions the show makers were going with the show. Who knows, if it really looks like to be getting better in my eyes, I might give it another go when it rolls around the UK TV screens.

      Arrow, I’m not hating, but not loving. Think I’ve seen the first couple of episodes now. It’s giving off strong Batman Begins vibes. There’s a bit of cheesiness to it that I’m finding a little tiresome, but ignoring it successfully so far. Shall see how the rest of the show goes!

  12. You know, I TOTALLY trust your judgement in movies and TV? Now I want to watch Hunted. I agree that today’s TV shows are just too complicated. Too big budget. Too “I want to be a movie” type production. I get really turned off by TV shows that are like that. Don’t know why. I also agree with you that I don’t have the time to follow complicated shows or shows that don’t grab my attention right away. I have yet to watch Revenge. Heard that is good. You said so right? Anyways…I’ll keep my eye out for Hunted.

    • Revenge I LOVE so very much. You do need to tune in every week, otherwise you might get a tad lost, but it’s pure soapy FUN!

      Hunted’s great. Nice little spy show.

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