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It’s the evening of August’s summer bank holiday. I’ve had my three-day weekend. Back to work tomorrow to a four-day working week. Summer is nearly over. Usually that’d make me a little bit sad. Summer’s my favourite season. I’m enjoying all the long, hot days. Warm evenings and nights. It’s brilliant. But. The end of August means the beginning of September which means it is mere days until I head to Bahrain. WOO!

So what’s happened in the past week?

  • Finally got to see Elysium last week. Finally. Sad to say this. But I think I was expecting more from Blomkamp. It’s not that I was totally disappointed. There was plenty in Elysium I enjoyed, but it sort of fell apart, didn’t it? Kruger? Jodie Foster’s character? The film had something to say, but it all got lost.
  • The other film viewing from last week was Moonrise Kingdom. Which I really enjoyed. Though, (sorry!) it didn’t win me over like it seemed to do for everyone else in the world. I just think I have an issue with Wes Anderson films. Hey, still gave it a 4/5.
  • The film world is all up in arms over Ben Affleck being cast as Batman in Superman vs. Batman. Those were my initial thoughts. I’m yet to really make my mind up. But willing to give Affleck the BOTD for now. But now look, Bryan Cranston is on board as Lux Luthor. Affleck is on some script duties of sorts. It could be a whole lot worse.
  • I’ve already devoured Slaughterhouse Five in less than a week on my weekly commute. Sure the book’s not very long. But my commute’s not entirely huge either. An hour or so both ways. Excellent book. It’s only the second Vonnegut book I’ve read. The first being Cat’s Cradle. Probably my favourite so far. Out of the two. Definitely need to read more Vonnegut.
  • Now that I’ve finished Slaughterhouse it’s onto Gone Girl. A recommendation. So far so good. About 20% into it. (Yes, I don’t do pages, it’s all Kindle for me. But you should know this by now.) It’s a very easy read and couldn’t be more different to Slaughterhouse Five.
  • This week’s episode of Breaking Bad, Confessions, had me all over the place. Jaw dropped. Edge of the sofa. Sitting up. Elbows up. Tears. Holy freaking hell. I went through every god damn emotion. Walter White is an evil genius. So well-played. And Jesse? O_O is all I can describe it now.
  • Sadly, after watching that epic episode of Breaking Bad I moved on to Dexter. BIG mistake. Last week’s episode, Are We There Yet, did nothing from me. Hannah being back is just eh. And then this week’s episode, Make Your Own Kind of Music, with Vogel and all that crap? What the hell has happened to Dexter? How can he not SEE what’s going on? This final season of Dexter started off strongly, and now? Now.. I fear for a shitty ending.
  • Then there’s The Newsroom. The Genoa stuff is exciting! Maybe it was just my mood today and it was easy to get me to the edge of my seat, but Red Team III, managed to do that to me.

First attempt at making anything carrot cake based… with some carrot cake muffins. Which could definitely be improved on. Too much nutmeg, not enough carrot. But definitely still tasty. Had a fantastic dinner tonight. Steak coated with cumin, lime, coriander, chilli with brown rice and guacamole. YUM! And leftovers for tomorrow. Sadly, that’s all the cooking wins for the week.

On Saturday I was looking forward to a slow cooked pork casserole. It had been in the oven for just over three hours. Took it out of the oven, set it on the cooker and then… well. Just look:


It bloody exploded. BANG! Shards of Pyrex glass everywhere. Casserole juices all over the place. And the food? I wish I could have salvaged some of it, but I’m betting there were glass shards all over it just waiting to kill me from within. Oh well!

So that was my week. Still playing catch up with everyone else’s blogs…

I’m going to now spend the rest of the evening reading this from XKCD.

XKCD Questions


  1. OMG, why did your dinner explode? This is why I don’t cook!

    We watch Dexter first to get it out of the way. Ugh.

  2. Unfortunately exploding Pyrex is just one of those things that happens every now and then. Good idea not to try eating the food. You’ll also want to be real careful about anything that was in the area — a Pyrex dish exploded once when my father was cooking, and we wound up finding shards of glass in the biscuits later because the bits had flown into the mixing bowl.

    Thanks for the share. 🙂

    • Yep. It took me at least an hour to clean everything up properly. I had shards in my flip flops. clothing, everywhere! Even some in the nooks and crannies of my gas stove! Freaking marvellous.

  3. I bailed on Dexter long ago… I think it kind of went crappy already. LOL Breaking Bad though? 😯

    I agree on Elysium, I was hoping for more. I bet your exploding casserole dish was more exciting than that movie! 😀

    • Dexter’s been up and down. The last season was okay. This season started off strongly with a nice emphasis on Dexter and Deb. But my god. Not only are Miami Metro dumb as doornails, but so it seems is Dexter now.

      Breaking Bad though – JESUS CHRIST MARIE.

      My exploding casserole dish had more of an impact on me than Elysium did. How sad is that?

  4. It could have been worse. We had the hob itself explode on us! It was one of those stupid glass touchscreen things but gas! (not our choice, previous owners). Anyway cooking a tagine was too much for it and the glass shattered everywhere, electrics on show and everything. Had to buy a new hob, something sensible with proper buttons!

    I totally loved Moonrise Kingdom, and I’m not that much of a Wes Anderson fan; really didn’t like Fantastic Mr Fox. Never mind; why IS Arwen dying?

    • Jesus! That is bad! “Proper buttons” – I like that. Ones that are actually pushy inny buttons.

      My favourite question – “why is Jesus white”. Valid!

  5. Cool week, apart from the exploding casserole ;). I am ambivalent about Ben as the Bat… As you say, we’ll see. For me, TV’s a bit flat at the moment. Only thing I’m recording is Supernatural. After a really disappointing start, series 8 had got back into its stride in the last couple of weeks. Thanks to a new writer, I hear. Phew. I wasn’t sure how much longer I could take the bush-league sets and lame plots. Waiting for the new season of Arrow now. 🙂

    • I gave up on Supernatural! Season 7 just did nothing for me. Well, it was a bit downward for me in season 6, but thought I could stick it out. I could not.

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