Orphan Black: Season 1 – getting to grips with the C word

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Orphan Black

Orphan Black. A TV show I tried, once, twice and failed to get into. When I say I tried, I mean I tried to just get through the first episode. I think the first time I got through about 20 minutes before switching off. Second time I might have amassed an entire half an hour. Ditched it.

The second season started not long ago and everyone was buzzing about it again. When I say everyone I mean the Interwebs. It got to me. What the hell did I not get?

Being in Bahrain, regular TV is fairly limited. So I was glad that before I came here I got hold of the first season of Orphan Black. With time to kill at the end of a working day and a hit and miss selection on ‘normal’ TV and other TV shows finishing up their seasons, there was time for something new.

Orphan Black season 1

Orphan Black – it’s all smiles here. But this isn’t a very happy, smiley show at all. Not many of these in Orphan Black at all.

Forced myself to stick through the entire first episode of the first season of Orphan Black and … I got it. Sort of. Maybe one more episode would help me get it some more.

Orphan Black is a fairly ridiculous show. Really, just thinking about the central point of the show – clones. Clones created, some big corporation at the core of it all, a religious sect – WTF.

Orphan Black - Helena

Ahh,Helena. The crazy one. Despite all her Ukrainian lunacy, I really really like her.

BUT what works for Orphan Black is Tatiana Maslany. This girl can act. Single handedly taking on, how many characters? And being able to make them all uniquely different characters.

What really amazed me was watching Tatiana Maslany act as Sarah pretending to be Cosima. Or playing Alison pretending to be Sarah.

So first season down and what do I make of Orphan Black?

Orphan Black

Art’s face matches my reaction while watching my third attempt at the first episode. Concentration. Fear. Denial. Confusion.

I’m hooked. It is a fantastic little show. Very far fetched. Sometimes some of the scenarios make me roll my eyes. And There is some stupidity. But, for what it is – a drama/sci-fi/action show, it is very good. Not just all the clones, but Felix, Mrs. S – all of them. A solid bunch of characters that have created a really nice well rounded first season. Felix’s growing relationship with Alison. Mrs. S’s history with Sarah. INTRIGUING stuff!

Now, I know you’re going to be asking who’s my favourite clone? Tough question. I do really like the whole Sarah/Helena dynamic. Really like that. It feels very Buffy/Faith to me. One in the same, but the polar opposites. Also a big fan of Alison. Bless her and her mentalist housewife insanity.

Orphan Black - Alison

Oh Alison, I worry for you sometimes.

Suitably impressed with the first season. So, second season viewing has already begun.

Thank you to Mel and Jina for giving me a little push when it came to this show. It’s bat-shit crazy, but I don’t mind that right now.


  1. *dons smug face and prepares to say…*

    I told you so 😛

    Easily one of my favourite shows. I can’t decide on my favourite clone but Alison’s tightly-wound nature is so perfectly played. Maslany plays each character so well that I quite literally forget sometimes that it’s just one actress. The fact that they shoot the effect of two or more clones in the same scene pretty effortlessly helps as well.

    • Blah blah blah 😛

      The technical aspect of having the clones all in the same shots is amazing. It looks so seamless! Really very well done.

      Nearly at the end of season 2. In fact, I probably will be done with it by the end of today!

    • It took me a few attempts to get into Orphan Black. It’s not the most amazing TV show, but it’s pretty good.

      True Detective I adore – it is a heck of a slow show. Especially those first few episodes. And, honest I’m not just saying this, but the 4th episode of True Detective is when things kick up a gear. After that, it’s just epic.

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