Film score pick of the mo: How to Train Your Dragon 2

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Took a little bit longer than I had anticipated, but finally got around to seeing How to Train Your Dragon 2, and it was everything I could have wanted out of a sequel to one of my favourite animated films of recent years.

Even better, the film score from John Powell delivered yet again. Though, a couple of times it felt like it was trying to slip into Brave’s score, especially the track For the Dancing and the Dreaming.

What I was incredibly glad for was having Jónsi back with a track on the album. The whole reason I got into Jónsi in the first place was all down to How to Train Your Dragon!

So obviously, my pick from this soundtrack is Where No One Goes by Jónsi and John Powell.

There’s a little bit of sadness and melancholy in the song, which is just perfect for the film. Along with all the usual happy bubbly feeling you get from Jónsi. And really like the inclusion of John Powell’s theme for How to Train Your Dragon.

Look for my thoughts on the film coming up in a few… Well, in a matter of time.


  1. Awesome Jaina, glad you love this one too. I think the score for both HTTYD movies are my fave from John Powell. He also did the score for the Bourne films but this one is so much more jubilant and pleasing to the ear.

    • The Bourne film scores are what got me into John Powell. I think he can be a wee bit heavy handed sometimes, but those Bourne scores are brilliant. A few tracks are so pacey and awesome!

      Think the first HTTYD score is still my favourite though.

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