How to Train Your Dragon 2: Crying over an animated dragon

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How to Train Your Dragon 2

A few weeks later than planned, How to Train Your Dragon 2 was finally seen in the cinema. FINALLY. Happy to say, it was worth the wait. However, just wished we were able to see it at the “nice” cinema.

With How to Train Your Dragon 2 being a 3D film too, the “nice” cinema where we saw X-Men: Days of Future Past, was only doing 3D showings. Naive that we were, we just expected all the cinemas to be as lovely as that place.

Well, not quite. It wasn’t terrible at the cinema at Seef Mall. The good thing is, we still paid 6BHD (just under £10!) for both of us. But the screen was a whole lot smaller and just not as comfy or nice a place. Also, we were nearly killed by the air conditioning! Honestly, I’m bringing a blanket next time.

Despite it being a 9pm viewing, there were kids in the cinema! As in little kids. But funny thing? When told to be quiet by a cinema attendant, they actually went quiet! Surprised me.

Back to How to Train Your Dragon 2. This was one of my most anticipated films of the summer. The first film is among one of my favourite of the recent animated films. So, I was looking forward to 2, with a bit of in trepidation. It has a lot to live up to.

How to Train Your Dragon 2

Hiccup and Toothless – one of my favourite animal/human team-up.

For the most part, the sequel does live up to the first. While I don’t think it’s quite as good, that’s a tough thing to ask of this sequel. The first film laid the ground work for Berk, Hiccup, Toothless and co and did it perfectly.

What How to Train Your Dragon 2 did perfectly was build on this. Build on the characters and flesh out the world that the first film introduced to us. Make that horizon just a little bit further away.

Hiccup and Toothless melt my heart. John Powell’s crafted a wonderful score theme for the two of them and it never fails to get me to tears whenever I hear it. It’s like watching the opening scene of The Lion King – it’s enough to get me crying!

The imagination that’s gone into those dragons is epic. Every single one of them are unique in their own way. I can’t even begin to think of the creativity that’s gone into thinking up all of these creatures. They’re wonderful!

How to Train Your Dragon 2

I can’t help but tear up every time I see Hiccup’s peg leg.

This may sound incredibly corny, but one of my favourite things about the film was the message it gives. About being yourself and the importance of being yourself. And for you to accept those around you for who they are too. It’s a message that isn’t communicated in a heavy handed edutainment sort of way. But it’s woven beautifully in the film. Sure, really young kids aren’t going to get this message, but the slightly older ones will I think. But the film isn’t so enveloped by this that it puts the adults off.

How to Train Your Dragon 2

Well, this wasn’t that much of a surprise.

This is one of the rare occasions where I’m happy to hear that there’s already a sequel in the works for a film. After 2 films, How to Train Your Dragon is a strong series. So far. Will be looking forward to that one in 2016. And if the early rumours are true, I’m going to need an epic box of tissues.

Oh and fun fact: Hiccup is called Harold in France. HAROLD. How do I know this? Cinemas here show films with Arabic and French subtitles. He’s called HAROLD! Surely there’s a French word for Hiccup?!


  1. Nice review here, Jaina. I did enjoy this one, and am really impressed with some of Dreamworks’ outings lately, such as the Dragons series. I’m totally down for a new one in a couple of years. 🙂

    BTW, I’m curious as to your opinion on the Kung Fu Panda series as well. I think that one’s another huge win for the studio, and am looking forward to the third installment of that one, too.

    • Dragons is definitely a big win for Dreamworks. They’ve upped their game. While not quite up to Pixar’s level, they’re getting there. They just need the write combinations of writer, directors and a fab story.

      I’m not the biggest fan of the Kung Fu Panda series. Don’t know what it is. They’re okay, but neither of them have made that much of an impact on me. Too much Jack Black!

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